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Dear Missions Partners,  

Just a few hours ago Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke finished preaching the Gospel here in Kiev, Ukraine and the response was overwhelming.   This concludes our final open-air evangelistic meeting here and, as usual, we are returning home rejoicing with the many souls that found salvation and healing this week through the power of the cross. Thank you for your ongoing prayers and financial support. We need them now as we look forward to the beginning of the crusade season in Africa that is quickly approaching. We are co-laborers together in this historic harvest.


Yours in the Gospel,

 Evangelists Daniel Kolenda & Reinhard Bonnke

Together with the whole CfaN team




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  • Ricardo Barraza

    To God be the Glory, we are so proud of what our Lord Jesus Christ has been doing through your ministry. Much love and prayers from your brother’s and sister’s in the Lord at World Harvest International Church in Delano, California

  • Vik Feodorov

    Dear Daniel,
    As a Ukrainian I do enjoy this stunning report from Kyiv. However, let’s move forward, even through forgeting wonderful things that are alredy behind!:) You may be busy on facebook, but let us also enjoy some blessing here. God bless you, dear Brother!

  • Anita Fuentes

    Hi Daniel, When is the next Firestorm 2011 Conference and where will it be held? Thanks!

  • Giorgia Testa Assom

    Hi brother, we wait for you in Italy again… but in the north! Blessings..

  • Rev.Dr.P.Anil Kumar

    Dear Bro.You are a really great preacher.You are say word of God that is touch all the soul of africans.I see photos this realy amezing.I pray to God Plese Bless all your ministry.
    Your Bro.In Christ
    Rev.Dr.P.Anil Kumar

  • Keith

    I would like to see your ministry in person.

    How can we find out where you are preaching in the U.S.?

  • Olga

    Hi Dan! So good to hear that a wave of revival has rolled into Ukraine! I was overjoyed to learn that a lot of Pentecostals, Charismatics and even Baptists had received the Fire of the Holy Spirit. I believe that they will be moved by the Fire and a number of true worshipers will be increased soon. The photos confirm that Jesus did exactly the same things here as He does in Africa. Thank you so much for coming to Ukraine. May God richly bless you and brother Reinhard! By the way, you and Rebekah have been to Ukraine for the first time, haven’t you?

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