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Grand Finale – Kiev, Ukraine – Final Day

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Jun 07, 2010  /     Articles, Kiev Ukraine  /     7 Comments

Just a few hours ago Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke finished preaching the Gospel here in Kiev, Ukraine and the response was overwhelming. This concludes our final open-air evangelistic meeting here and, as usual, we are returning home rejoicing with the many souls that found salvation and healing this week through the power of the cross. Thank you for your ongoing prayers and financial support. We need them now as we look forward to the beginning of the crusade season in Africa that is quickly approaching. We are co-laborers together in this historic harvest.

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Jesus Christ; the Same! – Kiev, Ukraine – Day 1

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Jun 05, 2010  /     Articles, Kiev Ukraine  /     5 Comments

We often say that the Jesus of Africa is the same everywhere. Today we saw the evidence of this here in Kiev, Ukraine where we have just concluded a full day of dynamic ministry.

This morning began with the Fire Conference where evangelist Bonnke and I preached in the stadium to pastors and church workers who gathered to receive the Fire of the Holy Spirit (see attached pictures). We laid hands on 7,000 people and the Holy Spirit fell in mighty power. We pray that the Fire may go out through these leaders and spread across the nation.

This evening was the first of the Evangelistic open-air meetings. We preached the Gospel and the altar was packed…standing room only. Then, after the prayer for the sick, mighty miracles took place including the healing of a girl who was crippled for 3 years (see attached picture), a man who was deaf in one ear, a woman who had severe back problems (which two surgeries were unable to fix) and many more. The Jesus of Africa is truly the same in the Ukraine…and He is the same wherever you are; yesterday, today and forever! Receive your miracle by faith in His name today!

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Arrival in Kiev, Ukraine

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Jun 04, 2010  /     Kiev Ukraine  /     4 Comments

We’ve just arrived in Kiev, Ukraine and Im on my way in a few minutes to have dinner with the pastors who have cooperated to make this event possible. The Fire Conference starts tomorrow morning and the Gospel Crusade starts tomorrow evening. The city is buzzing with the news of the campaign. Posters are plastered all over town, handbills have been passed out by the thousands, the television and radio stations are inviting people to come and receive a miracle from God. Some local groups are opposing us publicly, but many others have embraced what they know will be a historic event for the city and for the nation. Please remember us in prayer this weekend as we challenge the spiritual powers over Kiev with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pray that salvation, healing and Holy Spirit Fire would be poured out in a extraordinary way and that the Ukraine will never be the same again in Jesus name. Stay tuned…

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Jesus Wants “Witnesses” Not Just Preachers

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Jun 02, 2010  /     Articles, Devotional, Posted from Salzburg Austria, Teachings  /     13 Comments

It is no side issue that Jesus walked with his disciples for 3 years. He could have just randomly selected a group of young men to send to the upper room or written his own Gospel and sent it far and wide the by hands of couriers. He could have held a 50 minute class every day for anyone to attend and in this way he would have had far more students. Instead He chose only 12 men…few enough that He could give Himself to them wholly. He lived with them day and night. He gave them more than teachings and instructions, He gave them Himself. His desire was that they would not merely be teachers or preachers about Him, but rather “witnesses” unto Him. In fact Jesus even told John’s disciples to report back to him what they had HEARD and SEEN; that is to say, what they had personally experienced……(Continued)

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