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Dear Mission Partners,

We are rejoicing after another amazing meeting here in Mwanza, Tanzania. I was able to preach about the blood of Jesus and many thousands responded to the invitation. We burned witchcraft fetishes, charms, amulets and idols as they did in Acts 19:19. Curses were broken, demons were cast out and wonderful miracles took place which included a boy who had not walked in 10 years.

Tomorrow, the Fire Conference will come to a climax as we pray for the pastors and church leaders to receive the Baptism into the Holy Spirit. Tomorrow night we will do the same in the huge open meeting. Please continue to pray for us. The best is yet to come!

Yours in the Gospel,
Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

On behalf of Reinhard Bonnke, Peter Vandenberg and the whole CfaN team







Picture by O. Volyk

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