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We are now just hours away from the official start of the Crusade here in Madurai, India. Everything is in place and after many months of preparation we are finally ready.

Today we visited the largest Hindu temple in Madurai, “The City of Temples” and one of the largest in the world. This city is known as a Hindu stronghold, but in the darkness, the light of the Gospel will be all the brighter.

We then visited an orphange and loved on the children. Every one of our hearts were melted by there smiling faces and the power that the love of Christ has had on these precious little ones. Bro John, who is our Crusade organizer here, runs this orphanage along with three others…nearly a thousand children are cared for. I must admit that I choked back the tears for most of the visit. We saw the living quarters where over 110 little girls slept in one room…all of there belongings fitting into a small chest the size of a charry-on suitcase. Yet they were so full of joy and so grateful for what little they had. It was a powerful experiance. Our team will return to the orphanage Saturday and distribute Bibles to the kids.

I just returned from the crusade grounds where I met with many of the pastors that have helped to facilitate the crusade. I gave a short word of encouragement and then we prayed over the grounds and dedicated it to the Lord. I am looking forward to wonderful things over the next 4 days and a mighty demonstration of the power if the Spirit and a great harvest of souls for Jesus sake. Please continue to pray…they battle is just getting started.

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