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I am sitting now in a small tribal village half way up a mountain in south India. We drove through the night on winding, narrow roads to reach the top of the mountain and then began hiking down to the village at about 6:00 am. As the sun began to rise we found ourselves in a little paradise. Neatly groomed acres of tea plantations covered the mountainside as far as the eye could see and clouds covered the peaks of misty mountains in the background.
We stopped for tea in a small hut and it was the best I ever had. I keep having this overwhelming revelation of how much God loves the world and how much we need Him…I can’t wait to preach the Gospel to these precious people.

Our three hour hike was not made alone. Several elephants were spotted ahead of us and the fresh droppings on our path let us know that we were not far behind. Dozens of jungle monkeys ran playfully through the trees and watched us with curiosity…the girls were quite amused.
Tonight we will have a service here in this little village and I will preach Gospel to these beautiful people and we will see a mighty demonstration of the power of God. Until then we are resting and enjoying the scenery and the fresh mountian air.

It is amazing to think that I am posting this message with my blackberry from deep in the jungles of India. It is certainly not the same mission field that our ancestors encountered, but they still need Jesus and we are still preaching Him. More to come…

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  • aswini

    GOD is so Glorious in you.I praise the LORD very much for the anointing on your lives.

  • aswini

    GOD is so Glorious in you

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for sending this Daniel! It sounds so Beautiful! One day I hope to go with you and be a part of what the Lord is doing…Blessings to all of you! Rebecca

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