Defining Moments in Birmingham, U.K.

I am writing this email as I sit on the plane flying home from the Fire Conference in the UK. The meetings were amazing. We heard so many testimonies of lives changed. I already told you about [...]

Triumph in the midst of Tragedy

Yesterday we concluded our tour of churches here in the U.K. with a dynamic day of ministry in Ayelsbury, just outside of London. Less than 48 hours before our meetings began, this city was [...]

Oh Happy Day!

I have just returned back to the hotel room after a very full and very fulfilling day of ministry here in the United Kingdom. This morning I had the privilege to minister in the UCB television [...]

The Genealogy of Eternity

If you are honest, you will probably agree with me, that reading through the genealogies in the Bible is not exactly the most riveting past time in the world. “So-and-so began so-and-so, who [...]

WE’RE BACK! (in the U.K.)

My plane touched down in Birmingham just a few minutes ago. My feet are now on the ground in the U.K. and I am ready for a Holy Ghost explosion this week! Over the next 7 days I will be in [...]