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I’ve literally just walked in the door of my house (ahh…home sweet home) returning from a blessed week of ministry in Asia where we were preparing for our Fire Conference that will be held in Hong Kong this November. After ministering in Shenzhen (mainland China) on Friday night, we got up early on Saturday morning and traveled on the crowded subway to downtown Hong Kong where I had the privilege of ministering to a group of leaders from the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship. Then Saturday night we hosted an open meeting where the churches could come together. I knew that I was ministering to a meeting of believers, but I felt prompted to give a call for salvation. I was amazed when I saw so many people coming forward.

On Sunday morning, I preached in two churches and then Sunday night we traveled by boat across the Pearl River Delta to Macau where I ministered to a group of extraordinarily hungry believers that had come together from churches all over the province.

When we were in Hong Kong for the Fire Conference last year, within 2 weeks of announcing the meetings, the venue was sold out. So many people who wanted to attend were unable to, and we sensed that the Holy Spirit would have us to go back again this year. This is why we are going to Hong Kong again. We believe something special and strategic is happening. Please keep these meetings in your prayers as thousands of pastors from all over mainland China and Hong Kong come together to receive an impartation of the Fire of God.

View of Hong Kong from my hotel window

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