A Lifestyle of Repentance

The word "repent" means to turn around, to change one's mind and direction, but many believers think that repentance is only for the heathen. Some teach that repentance is not necessary for the [...]

Adult Content!

Aha! I knew that title would get your attention. Well it seems as though my Facebook page has been hacked! I had not checked it for a couple of weeks, while I was in Africa and had no idea [...]

Heart Transplant

David was one man personally and intimately aware of the deep darkness that lurks within the human heart. He had, himself, sunk to depths of depravity he would have never thought possible as a [...]

The Salvation of a V.I.P.

This past week I had the most incredible experience in evangelism that I have had in my life thus far. I had the privilege of leading someone very, very, very important to Jesus…a V.I.P. of note. [...]

A Quote from Dr. R.G. Lee

"The Bible is beyond other books as the river is beyond a drop of water, as the sun is beyond the candle, and as the mountain is beyond a grain of sand. It is the fountain in which martyrs have [...]

3-Year-Old Boy Raised From the Dead!

People have been asking for more details about the 3-year-old boy that was raised from the dead last week in Sapele, Nigeria. It is a truly extraordinary story and worth some elaboration. Last [...]