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Dear Mission Partners,

Tonight, was the first meeting of our Gospel campaign here in Harare, Zimbabwe. The weather is quite cold here – only 3° C (about 37° F). It’s quite amazing that the people came out in such cold conditions, both in the morning and night, to stand outside for hours! It is a remarkable demonstration of the tremendous hunger here.

Christ for all Nations was last in this nation more than 30 years ago! God did many wonderful things at that time, but we are expecting even greater things this week. Tonight, we got a taste. Tens of thousands of people surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ, and wonderful miracles happened.

  • An elderly lady’s arm was partially immobile. She could not lift it past shoulder level. Tonight, during the prayer for the sick, her arm was completely healed.
  • A man, who had a fist-sized lump in his stomach for the last 21 years, said that it instantly vanished during the prayer!
  • During the service, I had a word of knowledge for someone with pain in the right wrist. A young lady came forward, and said that she was the one. She testified that the pain was completely gone! 
  • A young lady came to the meeting deaf in her right ear. Her ear opened tonight.

 These are just a few of the many wonderful things that Jesus did. We are rejoicing, and looking forward to another day of wonderful meetings tomorrow. Please pray for us, and for Zimbabwe!

 Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

 Together with the CfaN Team

Pictures by O. Volyk 

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