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Dear Mission Partners,


Today marks the 44th year anniversary of the founding of CfaN. December 6th, 1974 Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke and his wife started this amazing journey that has resulted in more than 78-million people coming to Christ in some of the largest evangelistic events in history. And what better way to celebrate than with a Gospel Crusade. Tonight was the kick-off of our campaign here in Owerri, Nigeria – the final crusade of 2018. I’m here, as always, with Peter Vandenberg and joined once again by Eddie James who is leading us in worship.

Tonight, the opening crowd was quite small compared to what we are used to, but the power of God was moving mightily on the field. I’m sure we will see the crowds surge throughout the week. After I preached the gospel and prayed for the sick, we heard testimonies of amazing miracles.

A young man with a lump protruding from his stomach said that during prayer it suddenly and completely vanished!

A woman suffering with fibroids for more years than she can remember, said that as we prayed the power of God came upon her. She began shaking violently and then realized that her fibroids had vanished.

An elderly man told us that his right hand had been frozen and paralyzed for over a year. Tonight he was healed completely. As he stood on the platform moving it freely he said, “Even now, I can feel warm blood flowing into it.”

A man and a woman, both with debilitating, and in one case, painful, eye problems, were both healed tonight.

These are a small sampling of the thousands of people that had testimonies of healing – and this is only the first night!

Please pray for us as we plow the ground here in the beginning of this campaign. Pray for a breakthrough in every area. Pray that Jesus would continue to display His power through mighty signs and wonders. Pray that Owerri will be shaken by the Gospel. Pray for a massive harvest of souls and also for the protection of our team.

Yours in the Harvest,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

Together with the whole CfaN team


Pictures by O. Volyk

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