In posted from Afikpo Nigeria

160,000 people attended tonight’s meeting on the rolling hillside crusade ground here in Afikpo, Nigeria. In five days of meetings we have an opportunity to preach the full-Gospel, including some of the less popular topics. Tonight I emphasized the themes of restitution and repentance: “Let him who stole steal no more.” I can truly say that the people responded with Joy, turning from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God.

Here are some of the miracles that Jesus did tonight:

– A woman, blind for 2 years received perfect sight
– A man with a leg that was unable to bend for 23 years kicked and danced for joy (pictured below)
– A lunatic woman suddenly received sanity

Even as we left the meeting the people were still lining up to testify. We are rejoicing and anticipating tomorrow’s meetings where the Jesus will baptize many thousands of hungry souls in the fire of the Holy Spirit.

Pictures by Oleksandr Volyk
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  • Daniel Elvelyck

    It's a true pleasure to follow your blog Daniel! An inspiration for me!!
    Keep up winning the lost for Jesus!

    Daniel Elvelyck, Stockholm Sweden
    Evangelist and pastor in Mission SOS

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