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Tonight was the final meeting of FireStorm USA here in Dallas, Texas where Delirious, a South African rapper named Cjay, Kari Jobe, Teresia Wairimu and Dr Chauncy Crandell joined Evangelist Bonnke and I in the Dallas Convention center for a weekend of salvation and impartation. Also, tonight Delirious performed their final concert in North America before they split up. It was a special and memorable weekend and we are all looking forward to the next FireStorm USA event in Atlanta this coming April. If you missed this event, make sure to be at the next one.

Interpretive dance special during worship

DELIRIOUS? performs their final North American concert…awesome!


Kari Jobe leads worship

My little guy won a t-shirt…he hasn’t stopped talking about it

Long lines waiting for the doors to open

Preaching the GOSPEL…and lookin’ like a chameleon

Only Reinhard Bonnke can turn a Question & Answer session into a meeting with God

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  • Anonymous

    Bro. Daniel,
    My son and I flew there long way. That was, indeed, a power of the dearest Spirit of Christ, flowing and present in preachings of Bro. Bonnke and yourself. I never saw You before, so there was a lot of expectation, like who is Bro. Bonnke's co-Evangelist? What is he like? Your first appearance was humble, yet also confident in the Lord. Your preaching the last night was stunning and, forgive me, I told my friends about it in details. But even more i was truly impressed by your accessibility for prayer, Bro. Please, keep it that way! Please, never bow to the pomp of the Westernized "churchianity"! Be always in Christ-mas blessing. Viktor.

  • Anonymous

    I was at this conference also. It was utterly amazing!!!!! If God blesses this endeavor, I want to bring the youth at my church to the next one in Atlanta. I need details, please!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I was at the event it was such a blessing to me. My friend bought me "living a life of fire" and it has changed my life. Greatest book I have read second only to the Bible. What a blessing that reinhard passed the torch to you my friend, what an honor that God chose you. Never take it for granted! If you ever need help on the cFan ministry team look me up. Your servant ~keith a. brown

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