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Decision Card Count – Mwanza, Tanzania

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Jul 26, 2016  /     #GospelCrusade, Articles, Crusade Photos  /     0 Comment

Dear Mission Partners, We’ve received a fantastic report from Mwanza, the site of our most recent Gospel Campaign in the nation of Tanzania. The decision cards were returned over four days of evangelistic meetings and our team has just finished counting them. 114,960 people gave their lives to Jesus and have now been helped into […]

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Churches Flooded – Mwanza, Tanzania – Final Night

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Jun 26, 2016  /     Articles  /     Comments Off on Churches Flooded – Mwanza, Tanzania – Final Night

Dear Mission Partners, Tonight was the final meeting of our campaign here in Mwanza, Tanzania. We heard reports from local pastors that their churches were flooded with new converts this morning. We are overjoyed at this report. It is always our goal that every evangelistic effort leads to the local churches. Tonight, I asked the […]

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A Witch Doctor Delivered – Mwanza, Tanzania – Day 3

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Jun 25, 2016  /     #AfricaShallBeSaved, #GospelCrusade, Articles, Crusade, Crusade Photos, Devotional, Featured, reinhard bonnke, Teachings, Testimonies, Testimony, Video  /     0 Comment

Dear Mission Partners, This morning a witch doctor brought his ancestral idols to be burned. The local pastors prayed for him and he began to manifest demons. They cast the demons out of him and he has become a child of God! That was the way the day started. Before I preached in the service […]

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Curses Broken, Mwanza, Tanzania – Day 2

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Jun 24, 2016  /     #AfricaShallBeSaved, #GospelCrusade, Articles, Crusade, Crusade Photos, Featured, reinhard bonnke, Testimonies  /     0 Comment

Dear Mission Partners, We are rejoicing after another amazing meeting here in Mwanza, Tanzania. I was able to preach about the blood of Jesus and many thousands responded to the invitation. We burned witchcraft fetishes, charms, amulets and idols as they did in Acts 19:19. Curses were broken, demons were cast out and wonderful miracles […]

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Demons Manifesting – Mwanza, Tanzania – Day 1

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Jun 23, 2016  /     #AfricaShallBeSaved, #GospelCrusade, Articles, Crusade, Crusade Photos, Featured, News, reinhard bonnke, Testimonies, Testimony  /     0 Comment

Dear Mission Partners, The first night of our Gospel Crusade here in Mwanza, Tanzania has just come to an end. We are meeting in the biggest open air field in the city, and yet it already seems too small – and this is only the beginning! Have a look at the pictures. Many thousands of […]

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Philips Arena Shaken by the Gospel – Atlanta Gospel Crusade

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Mar 07, 2016  /     #AmericaShallBeSaved, #GospelCrusade, American Crusades, Crusade, Crusade Photos, Featured, News  /     0 Comment

The team has just returned from another successful Gospel Crusade here in the States. This weekend in Atlanta, we saw over 17,000 people attend the two-night event at the Philips Arena. Many hundreds of people made a decision to give their lives to Jesus Christ. Even now, our team is sorting through the large piles […]

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409,920 Registered Decision Cards! Bouaké, Ivory Coast

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Mar 04, 2016  /     #AfricaShallBeSaved, #GospelCrusade, Articles, Crusade, Crusade Photos, Featured, News  /     0 Comment

Dear Mission Partners, We’ve just received word from our team on the ground in Bouaké, Ivory Coast where our most recent Gospel Crusade took place at the end of January. The decision card count is in. Over the four days of meetings, 409,920 decision cards were returned and registered. Each of these new converts have […]

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#30 – When I Dont Feel Worthy in Prayer

By Daniel Kolenda  /     Feb 16, 2016  /     Articles, Devotional, Featured, Teachings, Video, Videos  /     0 Comment

Eric Gilmour and I discuss a question that we’ve often been asked. Some people feel unworthy and some even question their own salvation. This becomes a hindrance in prayer and in the Christian life. The opposite can also be true – some people cannot progress spiritually because of pride. Both need to be put aside […]

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