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Have you ever woke up and wondered, “What country am I in?” Well…welcome to my life. I finally figured out that I am in China:-) – Hong Kong to be exact and our campaign here begins tomorrow.

Thousands of pastors and church leaders are arriving from all over mainland China, and we are all bracing for a powerful three days. The days will consist of impartation and equipping for the leaders, and in the evenings, open evangelistic meetings will be held in the stadium. Please keep us in your prayers and check back for daily updates.
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  • Noel Yang

    Wow! Thank you so much for replying my post! God bless your outreach efforts and your whole family! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  • Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

    Hi Noel,

    I am so glad to hear your testimony. Praise God for all that happened in Taiwan and Hong Kong. I have been to Japan and had a wonderful time there. Im sure we will be back someday. In the meantime we pray. Asia will be saved!!


  • Noel Yang

    Dear Rev. Kolenda
    Thank you for the Fire conference and Crusade in Taiwan! We were blessed beyond words for you and Rev. Bonnke's ministry! Mom went to the front last night receiving forgiveness and peace from the Lord. I was literally electrocuted for 30 minutes during the prayer time in the morning which I believe is a preparation for fire evangelism!
    Will CFAN consider to visit Japan? Our family are half Japanese and half Chinese. I'm praying for open heaven and revival for Japan and that God will use me in His salvation plan for this nation! Thanks for your prayers!

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