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Yesterday I told you about the severely crippled man who was accidentally brought on the platform and set in the center of the stage.  When I saw him sitting there my palms began to sweat and my heart rate went up.  All that faith that I thought I had was suddenly missing.  I’m sure you want to know what happened next.  I have to warn you – this is not what you were hoping for.  I prayed for the man and nothing happened.  No healing.  No miracle.  No manifestation.  Nothing.

I spend a lot of time on this blog telling you about the many amazing and awe-inspiring miracles that I see and experience as I minister around the world.  But I want to be very real with you.  Sometimes the most important lessons are learned, not on the mountaintops, but down in the valleys.  I want you to understand something about faith that is very valuable and if you will receive what I am telling you now, it can set you free.

After I prayed for that crippled brother and he didn’t get healed, I must admit; I felt humiliated, embarrassed, ashamed, disgraced and depressed.  I think I actually felt worse for myself than for the crippled man!  In that moment, the Holy Spirit shone a light on my own heart and I saw something I had never been aware of before.  I suddenly realized that I had hitched my reputation and ego to the train of God’s glory.  If He did a miracle, I felt gratified.  If He didn’t do a miracle, I felt humiliated – as though I had some ownership in HIS wonders.

This is the NUMBER ONE mistake that people make (in my opinion) when considering miracles.  Miracles are NOT about us.  Miracles are ALL ABOUT JESUS!  People are amazed to see the miracles that happen at our campaigns, but I truly believe that I could stand my 7-year-old son on the platform in my place and, if he prays in faith in the name of Jesus, he will also see mighty miracles.  Miracles are the easiest part of my job because I don’t perform them!

Most people reading this blog will never have to pray for someone on a platform with 5,000 people looking on, but many of you have the same fear and it has often kept you from stepping out in faith.  “What if I pray for someone and nothing happens?” is the question.

This is another one of the questions that Sid Roth asked me a couple of days ago when I was on his television show called, It’s Supernatural.  I want to tell you what I told him.

Years ago I asked this same question to evangelist Bonnke, “What if I pray for someone and nothing happens?”  This was his answer to me, “If you have to pray for 100 people in a prayer line and the first 99 don’t get healed, pray for the 100th one as though every one before him had gotten healed!”  My friend…that is faith!  It is unmoved by what the eyes see.  It rests in the promises and power of God.

Someone once said to me, “Faith is spelled R-I-S-K.”  I know what they meant by that and there is certainly truth in it.  But I would like to say it differently.  I say faith is spelled R-E-S-T.  Or here’s another way to say it; faith is spelled T-R-U-S-T.

You see, if you’re always afraid of what will happen if you pray for someone and they don’t get healed, you will soon stop praying for people.  Faith and fear are at opposite ends of the spectrum and fear is bondage (Heb 2:15).  Fear enters in where there is a feeling of personal risk.  So if you are afraid of what will happen if you pray for someone and they don’t get healed, it is a good indication that you may have taken personal ownership of something that does not belong to you in the first place…God’s glory.

Until you are able to rest in the finished work of the cross you do not understand faith.  Until you are able to be unmoved by what you see you do not understand faith.  Until you have unhitched your reputation from the train of God’s glory, you don’t understand faith.  Until you understand that it is NOT ABOUT YOU, you don’t understand faith.

Im not claiming to know all there is to know about faith. In fact the longer I am enrolled in the School of the Holy Spirit, the less I know.  But there is one thing I am sure of…once I unhitched my ego from the locomotive of God’s glory, I experienced a freedom as never before.  Now I could pray for the sick without feeling any pressure or anxiety.  If they got healed it was not my doing and if they didn’t get healed it still wasn’t my doing.  I relinquished both the credit and the blame.  What was important for me to do was simply to obey and to believe and the rest was His responsibility.  Do you know what I discovered?  I discovered that faith is rest!  What a liberating truth!

The more you try to make miracles happen the less you will see them.  The more afraid you are of what might not happen, the less you will pray, obey and believe.  The more you rest in faith and move forward in obedience, the more you will experience the miraculous.  Your job is not to be the savior, the healer, the wonder worker or the deliverer.  Your job is to lay your hands on the sick, to pray for them in Jesus name and to believe God’s word no matter what.  The rest is up to God.

So, in answer to the question, “What if I pray and nothing happens?” here’s my advice…keep praying! 

…more on this tomorrow

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  • Firebrand

    Praise God Evng Kolande. This week I stepped out in faith and prayed for a dead man killed by a rival gang that I evamgelize to. I truly believed he will raise and honestly without any pride I was doing it for God’s Glory. We prayed in Faith… his hands and legs warmed but he never really came too. i truly believed prayed more but nothing, time passed and Nothing. I was so devastated, I was expecting God to use this chance for his Glory… i really wrestled within myself asking why God would not use this chance to unite the Gangs and stop the blood shed….. i can’t find peace I feel like there is more I could have done, more prayer, waiting longer..
    Etc. Thank you for this Post it’s very encouraging

  • Max Alphonse Gapher

    I’m an 18 yeard old Ghanaian, and I must say, I am elated to have realised my calling as an evangelist. I used to pray for power and the gift of healing before I step out, but I have come to realise that all I need to do is to step out and faith will do the rest. Thanks for theis encouraging words.

  • Benjamin Kasankya

    Evangelist Daniel. am an evangelist too. am in Uganda. I attended your kampala crusade. i was blessed. you really inspired me especially about faith. even in the fire confrence. i ve seen a few instant miracles when i laid hands on a deaf and dumb boy, blind old woman, lame men and woman. i desire to hav acloser relation wit you and cfan. am startig crusades next year in some remote places in Uganda where international ministers can not easily reach.nam 23. books like Evangelism by fire and Faith blessed me. wish to partner financially. GOD BLESS YOU

  • deb

    Thank you. I was sitting here early Sunday morning talking to the Lord and asked him a question. I believe I have an answer.

  • Cora Edwards

    Pastor Kolenda…tonight I heard you speak on TBN for the first time. Before tonight I did not know your name…Glory be to God my spirit need to hear a Word from on High. God blessed my heart though your spoken word. May God continue to bless you. Cora (Columbus Georgia

  • Amy Gan

    Thank you so much for your obedience to His word…such a blessing

  • Elisha Thabethe

    Just what i needed. I learnt a lot from a small article about FAITH.

    May God increase you in all spheres


  • Nicole

    Please intercede that the Lord will perform a creative miracle in my breasts. I had a surgery in 2001 that left my breasts very hard and deformed. I’ve been prayed over by countless people many many times without a healing manifestation. Thank you very much.

  • Pastor & Evangelist. Joel Palaskar

    Dear Brother Daniel,
    I am glad that I could find a way to communicate with you as it’s crucially important for a Minister to Fellowship and Learn things of Spirit as it does help.
    Let me tell you about myself- Born in India (Maharashtra State) on Dec 7th 1979.The only son to my divorced parents I learned life a hard way and pretty early (as compared to my friends n relatives in India). Spoiled in a ‘Gone-case’, ‘a hopeless guy’, an aggressive youngster who knew Muscle-Power, Money-Power is the only way to Reign in Life…. and may such were the motto’s of my life….! & One evening on my fathers Desk I found a Red, Fat Book that changed my life forever- It was the Holy Bible….I read it … one day when I was in my hostel praying and seeking GOD….I saw a bright white light come to me close …very close….it was as if an massive energy was being emitted from it…The only thing I remember out of my actions was …..I shivered & Sweated & was Still on my knees…. With my hands high out-stretched in the air…. We had a conversation….Something that cannot be erased from my Memory….Even when I tried in those days…This was in over 10years now… The only Thing I was told to do was to Take this light to the World which is in Darkness…..and Set them Free by the Word of GOD, Mighty Name of JESUS & Mighty Blood of JESUS….Since then I left my College…went to another town…In short….GOD Used me to Glorify HIM and All …All…All Glory be to JESUS Coz it Belongs to HIM… I saw 7 years of whole body paralysis Healed, I saw Polio’s being healed instantly-On-the-Spot, Many Demon possessed Set Free & Delivered…..A church of 15 people grew into a Church of 150…then I went to many other Churches preaching the same word… I do not have a Church… but I go to regular fellowship at a Local Church…The Reason I told u about me is you to know about me… NOW… I want to tell u the other important thing… The same person – JESUS our LORD and SAVIOUR… Has commissioned me to Preach the Gospel to my Country. Please Pray, Suggest, Guide, Direct in all ways Possible how We can Reap the Harvest in a Mighty Way….. If there is something you want to tell me you are most welcome… Response awaited… My email is….! INDIA WILL BE SAVED… AMEN!

  • Lesley Lawrence

    Hi Daniel,

    I have only recently discovered your blog and I think it’s a fantastic idea! Thank you for sharing your thoughts it’s really helpful.

    I don’t really have a problem continuing to pray for people if I haven’t seen significant healing. I know that’s up to the Lord!

    What I find difficult is often the people you are praying for are putting their trust in you. I get the sense that if they are not healed they blame you for not praying in the right way or maybe saying the right words!

  • David Okoye

    Though the suspense is tough, but I must say that you’re hitting on something exclusive. We need to hear this because many has been hindered from obeying God because of the fear of ‘what if nothing happens.’ As for me, even though I know that it’s all about Jesus, sometimes it’s hard for me to keep my focus on that while ministering to people. But I believe we keep growing till we’re perfected in it. Thanks for sharing. But the suspense is really tough!

  • Garet Arnold

    Thank you so much for sharing your insights

    • Daniel Kolenda

      My joy Garet…thanks for your feedback

  • Mark Stewart

    Great word Daniel . Nathan Morris just talked about this same thing on Friday night, He said most pastor when they see someone come up in a wheel chair will tell them they will pray for them after the service so if nothing happens they wont be embarrassed. I am learning alot from you and also a new study The Art of hearing God by John Paul Jackson. Something I never told you last year in Denver at the Breakfast meeting I prayed that the Lord would fill me with Holy Spirit fire, When I went through the line you were laying hands on people and when it was my turn you hit me in the chest three times( rather hard LOL ) and said Fire , Fire , Fire Holy spirit fire , Blessings Daniel

    • Daniel Kolenda

      I hope I didn’t hit you too hard mark:-) It sounds like you got the fire though!

  • Obieze Nwachukwu

    I’m getting to understand faith better now. One very important point you made is when you said you “unhitched your ego from the locomotive of God’s glory and you felt a sense of freedom like never before” in my own words is “being dead to self” how does this happen. To be frank with you Bro Kolenda i think i have an issue here and i need help urgently.

  • Eric Gilmour

    Very valuable thoughts! I just made a compilation of Bill Johnson talking about Power Over Sickness…he touches on this from a different slant but same conclusion. Check it out – you can download it for FREE at

  • Stephan

    Thank you! That’s it: rest
    The more you rest, the more you risk 🙂

  • fiyin @nigeria

    More grace 2 u sir,yeah I also agree. With ur message… Evidence of things not yet seen, assurance of wat u dnt even aw its gonna come,its like wen u pray & u can nw phanton aw GOD can work….,,,,,,,NO ….HIS ways are nt our ways,as heaven is to d earth. (Distance),so we shld nt be able to phantom GOD’s way of working…familiarity brings c……..,thanks sir

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