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We have been talking about the miracle at Cana in Galilee, the turning of the water into wine, as a type of the shed blood of Jesus Christ…

When a soldier is dying on the battlefield a medic will give him a potent dose of morphine.  The drug will not save him, but it will mask the pain and ease the suffering.  In the same way the blood of animals could never save and could not fix the root of the fatal wound; sin.  These Old Covenant sacrifices could only mask the symptoms of sin for a short season, but every year new sacrifices had to be offered and new blood had to be shed.

The blood of Jesus was of a totally different quality than any blood ever shed before.  The blood of Jesus not only dealt with the symptoms of sin, it went to the very root of the problem.  The blood of Jesus was not a superficial remedy for a shallow flesh wound.  It penetrated the core of the human condition and went all the way back to Adam; reversing the curse and turning the greatest tragedy in history into the greatest victory.

The ruler of the feast said, “…you’ve kept back the good wine until now.”  After all other wines had been served and after they had all run out and run short, finally the “good” wine was being served.  The best was saved for last.  I see this first miracle of Jesus as a prophetic foreshadowing of what Jesus had come to do.  The Jews were hoping for a national Messiah that would start a Maccabean-type revolution.  Jesus had come to lay down his life and shed his blood.

When Jesus sat at the last supper and held up the cup of Passover wine he said, “This is the NEW Covenant in MY blood…”  After all the blood of goats, lambs and birds had been shed and after they had all run out and fallen short, then God Himself came and performed a miracle; the Word became flesh.

His body was broken and His blood was shed once for all.  His blood did what no other sacrifice had been able to do.  There is enough power in one drop of the blood of Jesus to wash away every sin, to heal every sickness, to break every curse of every human being who has ever lived in all the world and in all of history!  God has saved the best for last!

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  • Adriana

    Thank you for your message, I have tears on my eyes because God spoke to me thru your awesome words, thank you and God bless your life, family and ministry as never before.


    So much within what the canal mindset can understand in the blood Jesus shed on the calvary

    Indeed, there is power!!! in the blood of Jesus

  • Dave Rogers

    Working my way thru your postings while sitting in walmart parking lot. This is deep brother. Thanks for taking the time to post it.

  • shadrach

    amazing topic and the sermon is a blessing daniel !! like to read ur blog and be filled with HIS WORD !!! GOD BLESS U !!

  • José Carranza Delgado

    muchas gracias por el estudio , tuvomuy bueno y gracias por seguir el trabajo que Dios le encomendo en primera isntancia a Reynard, eso es tener un mismo espiritu

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