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Christ for all Nations Great Gospel Crusade – Nairobi, Kenya – Uhuru Park Packed – Day 5

Dear Mission Partners,

Today the Gospel Campaign here in Nairobi, Kenya came to a climax as 220,000 packed Uhuru Park to absolute capacity. In fact, the venue was so full that unfortunately, many people were unable to get in. Those that were there however received a mighty blessing – including our whole team. What a privilege it is to preach the Gospel under any circumstances, but how much more to people who are hungry, open and receptive. Many thousands received Christ tonight and many more were supernaturally healed. In fact I even heard that miracles were taking place during the preaching!

We heard the testimony of a woman who had HIV AIDS. After the prayer for those with HIV yesterday, she went for a blood test today and brought the diagnosis from the lab to the meeting tonight. I read it with my own eyes, “HIV NEGATIVE!”

One precious “mamma” was blind and received her sight tonight. She was overcome with emotion as she gave her testimony and we were all rejoicing with her.

A beautiful young lady had paralysis on her right side because of a stroke, but tonight she was totally healed and praised the Lord that now she can walk gracefully like she used to.

Another woman testified that she had breast cancer. Last night as the meeting was closing I told the people, “If you have not yet received your miracle, don’t worry about it – many of you will be healed on your way home tonight.” She said that as she was walking home, suddenly she felt a cold sensation come over her breast and she remembered what I had said. She checked herself out and realized that everything was normal – she was healed!

This week has been a very special week for all of us. I was so happy that my wife and my parents were also here with us along with a large group of guests from literally around the world. We are all rejoicing this week at what the Lord has done and we have been praying, and thanking the Lord for you – our precious friends and partners who continually stand with us, shoulder to shoulder in this great harvest of souls. You will be partakers in the Heavenly reward.

I want to also say a very special THANK YOU to the Green Family (owners of Hobby Lobby) who sponsored this crusade and made it possible for us to be here this week. Their passion for the lost is inspiring and remarkable. May the Lord bless you more and more!

We will be sending you the decision cards count as soon as it is completed. Until then – God bless you all!


Yours in the Harvest,
Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
Together with Reinhard Bonnke, Peter van den Berg & the whole CfaN team

The Precious People of Nairobi, Kenya

The Precious People of Nairobi, Kenya

This women was healed of HIV Aids!

This women was healed of HIV AIDS!

We prayed for your prayer requests tonight in Jesus' Name!

We prayed for your prayer requests tonight in Jesus’ Name!

The blind see in Nairobi, Kenya!

The blind see in Nairobi!

Pictures by O. Volyk

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  • Daniel

    Jesus is true…can use man Of god

  • Rose

    I would like to submit a Praise report. I am a 29 year old Kenyan lady and my cousin and I attended the Crusade in Nairobi.

    We were trusting God for miracles in our lives and like everyone else at Uhuru park we handed in our long list of Prayer requests. I am happy to report that exactly 2weeks after the Crusade we both recieved our miracles. I was trusting God for a study visa to Germany and things were not looking too promising for me, but i trusted God anyway. I am writing this praise report from Stuttgart,Germany, Praise be to Jesus. I was also completely healed from the excruciatingly painful cramps i normally experienced during my periods.

    My cousin was trusting God for a job, and the same day she got a call about her job i got mine about the visa!!

    All glory and honor to Jesus, for what he has done and what he will do. We truly serve a mighty God.

    May God continue to bless this Ministry so that you may be a blessing to others. Amen

  • Tsav paul

    pray for me for spiritual breakthrough &the gifts of spirit.

  • desiree torn

    Dear Daniel,
    It’s a great joy te may write to you, to thank you for the love the Lord has given you for bringing the Gospel to millions in Africa. God Bless You Richly, Africa wille be saved!!!In August I go to Kwsizabantu Mission in South Africa for 4 weeks to see what the Lord has in store! I am looking foreward very much!!! It’s also a miracle You have taken out my request on day 10 of the prayer time! Yes now almost 69 years in a couple of weeks, I am longing to do Gods workmore and more, to heal the sick, to tell the gospel, to testify my miraclulous deliverance six years ago!!
    One thing is puzzling me because where I will go, als in Wachman Nee Ministry peole or disciples of Jesus are hardly laying hand on people and praying for the sick!! For me I am surprised for Jesus says You all can do the works I have done and even MORE!!! I have already started a couple of years ago laying hand on peolple they get HEALED BY JESUS CHRIST IN HIS MIGHTY NAME!! This makes my belief stronger and stronger, knowing the Lord works through weakness!!I am in awe of the greatness of the Lord, His Might, His Power. He does the work if we are stepping out!!
    I have no specific bibleschool or so!The Holy Spirit guides me and gives me boldness. Bless You, greetings from sister in Christ Jesus from Holland, Desiree Torn. How can I act in these ministries? Thy say that not everybody get healed so not to want to disappoint people when thy are not getting healed!!! I feel it’a lie! Everytime there is prayed for a person something in the spititual realm is changed!!!It’s not to us to judge the outcome it’s Gods!!!! To trust God is doing the work! and leave it to God! Thank you for reaking this message. Psalm 23, Joh 3:16. Blessings for all the Ministry!!! Desiree Torn from Holland.

  • Linda Nandaa

    May God bless you man of God, we were blessed with the ministry that God has put in your life i look forward for God to use me also and to be part of your team, i desire with whole of my heart

  • Douglas Clark

    I am a CFAN FAN!!

  • modester shimunzali matsili

    may the almighty father lift you to the highest peak of you destination as you continue drawing more souls to christ Jesus. pray for me to also be a partaker in this ministry and at the end of the day rejoice at his feet for work well done and receive my crown in Jesus christ.Amen God bless you and bless you abundantly.

  • maureen khikani

    praise God.i want to thank God Almighty who enabled the men of God Evergelist rev.pastor Reinhard bonnke,Evn Pst. David kolenda,Pastor. peter vaderburg with their team to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ here in Nairob,Kenya.I was so blessed by hearing the word of God being preached and pple recieving their miracles in the name of Jesus christ.Am glad that God made it possible for me to attend the crusade frm 5th to the 9th.Like you said if we dnt meet here,we will see each other in heaven. Am trusting and believing that i’ll soon recieve my miracle in Jesus name.Amen. BE BLESSED.

  • lydia wangari (becca)

    Praise king Jesusladies &gentlemen
    I am Kenyan,I was in attendance of the great jubilee crudsade held in Nairobi Kenya day 5&im writing to confess that indeed God is real and that the said miracles happened as I witnessed. God is great &I know im soon gonna write here again telling you the good news that indeed God is gonna give me a job as I prayed among other things.
    We are together in prayers.
    God bless you!

  • CESS

    i was there and i witnessed the miracles and i heard the word.As i was coming to the crusade on the last day 9th June 2013 i was praying that many more family members will receive Jesus as their savior and it was the first prayer item on my prayer list.I came with my older sister who was not born again and at the end of the service she gave her life to Jesus.
    Thank you servant of God and God bless you as you lead many to Him.


    It was a life time moment for me.I was so blessed by the word and i wish i have a means of accessing such teachings from you since i am a new believer. Kenyans loves Jesus. God bless you.

  • jane

    May God bless you,i watch you preach through the television while you were in Kenya and i saw God in you.

    Please remember me in your prayers, am trusting God for a break through in my place of work.

    Jane from Kenya.

  • james mulili

    God bless you Evagelist Daniel Kolenda

  • james mulili

    Evagelist,you are such a blesing to our country and particularly me,you imparted my life so very much,my life has taken a new dimension,may the Lord bless you and looking forward for you again in Kenya,
    thank you so much


    i was at uhuru park on 9th june 2013 was blessed by you teachings

  • sylvia abuki

    lbless the lord for great things hes done

  • Julius

    My name is Julius from Kenya, I was blessed and inspired by what happened here in Nairobi for the past one week. We are grateful to R. Bonke and D.Kolenda and the entire CfaN team for what you brought here at home. May God richly bless you. Daniel keep it strong you are equal to the task. Amen

  • Wendy

    Thank you for serving the LORD……..many, many countless lives have been IMPACTED because of the MINISTRY…….I was blessed that you kept everyone POSTED ON FACEBOOK……….It’s a way to feel like you are experiencing what God is doing………thank you for sharing……and your obedience to the CALL O FGOD……….I am currently reading your book titled…..YOUR KINGDOME COME…………I will never be the same and I am anxiously awaiting the new book…..lLIVE BEFORE YOU DIE………..MAY GOD RICHLY BLESS YOU and your family, and those that serve along side of you………….Mrs.Wendy

  • Kashif Javed (Christi)

    sir pray for me and family too..dear know waht?
    i want make a pastor to my son .his name is Nathanael christi plz pray for him too thanks alot

  • Kashif Javed (Christi)

    you are the great pastor

  • Kashif Javed (Christi)

    dear sir i want to join you

  • cecilia

    wooow! amaizing!thank you Jesus! praise you Jesus

  • Michael Owambo

    We, the Kenyan people, have been greatly blessed by you and the whole CFAN team. A fire is burning in our hearts for the Lord. This was a historic crusade for the nation of Kenya and a landmark visitation from the Lord. May the Lord cause you to come again and again and again. The Lord greatly bless you.

    Michael Owambo

  • Simon Karuga

    Indeed it was wonderful to have you in Kenya. May our Good Lord watch over you as you harvest many souls for Him. May he also come through for you in all of your needs: Spiritually, Materially, Emotionally and even in your health. God bless you abundantly!

  • Wambura Daniel Marwa

    Thank you so much for remembering Kenya, am just praying it will not take another 25 years for you people to be back. May our heavenly Father bless you and continue to expand this ministry.

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