I’ve just returned from preaching not one but two crusades tonight, in two different parts of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The first was in an area known as Kigamboni, where Evangelists Randy Roberts and Joe Turnbull are stationed. The second was in a place called Mbagala, where Evangelists Robert Enge and Dr. Roselyne Ayeola are stationed. These are two of six CfaN crusades ongoing this week in Dar es Salaam SIMULTANEOUSLY! In each Crusade, the Gospel is being preached. In each Crusade, multitudes are being saved. In each Crusade, tonight, the Holy Spirit fell as each evangelist prayed for the Baptism in the Holy Spirit!

And in each Crusade, miracles and healings took place. Here are a few from Kigamboni and Mbagala:

  • Christina could not hear in her right ear for 5 years. She said she felt like an insect was running around in her head. During prayer, she felt something crawling out of her ear, and then she could hear perfectly!
  • Ruth had severe liver problems since she was 14. Often, she could not move her body without terrible pain. Tonight, during prayer for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, she fell to the ground and began speaking in tongues for the first time. She felt a heavy darkness leave her, and she felt no more pain at all when she got up.
  • Walter has been walking with crutches for three months after an accident. Tonight, he was healed! He threw his crutches and was able to walk without them.
  • Midizimi had been completely deaf for the last 6 years. Tonight, Jesus opened her ears!

It is amazing to think that in each Crusade, no matter who was preaching and no matter who was praying, Jesus is the same! These are not our accomplishments, and we cannot take any credit. All of the glory belongs to the one who said, “without Me, you can do nothing.”

Tomorrow is the last night of this Operation Decapolis Campaign for all six crusades. Please continue to pray for us.

This is all possible because of you! Thank you!

Yours in the Gospel,

Daniel Kolenda

(Together with the entire CfaN family)

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