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Just moments ago we returned from tonight’s meeting with joy.  Evangelist Bonnke preached about “The Adulterous Woman” and the very eager and hungry crowd was hanging on every word.  He told them that under the Law of Moses, that adulterous woman should have been stoned.  The reason that Jesus could pardon her is that he was already on his way to the cross where he would take her punishment and pay the price for her sin.  It was a powerful and holy moment when tens of thousands lifted their hands and accepted by faith the substitutionary death of Christ.  This is the pure Gospel at work.  This is what has the power to change the world!

When I prayed for the sick we experienced an outpouring of the power of God.  A couple of times I said, “This will be the last testimony we hear tonight”, but amazing stories kept on coming and I could not resist! 

  • A woman deaf in her right ear for 18 years and a man deaf in his left ear for 45 years were both instantly healed tonight!
  • A man who was unable to lift his arm for 5 years and a woman unable to lift her arm for 12 years both received full restoration of their arms!
  • A man crippled for 5 years can now walk and a young man’s hernia vanished!

Thank you for continuing to uphold us in prayer.  More to come tomorrow!

Together in the Harvest,

Evangelists Daniel Kolenda & Reinhard Bonnke

Together with the whole CfaN team

Pictures by O. Volyk

This man was deaf in one ear but now can hear!

Tonight he received full restoration of his arms and displayed for all to see!

She is sharing with the crowd how she can now hear after being deaf for years!

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  • Romeo

    I have just keeped one thing after the crusade:”Everyone who shall call upon the Name of JESUS shall be saved” May God bless you and give strengh so that u can continue telling us the gospel because african people need it.We are waiting for You in Togo but in the northen region this time.I will be in the heaven cause i got the Holy Spirit

  • Pastor Prakash Daniel

    Wow its always such a Joy to see Rev. Boonke a true man of God filles the people By His powerful healing touch teaching preaching and healing With His anointing , God exits Amen,

    I never ever forget the moment 1994 when he was in Chennai, India, i and my friend i was 14 years old running two wards his car he was with his Law , wow i shoke his hand such a humble man of God i follow his foot print

    Thanks Christ for all nation , you rocks the Nations

    yours brother in the Harvest

    Prakash Daniel

    facebook : pastor prakash daniel
    skyp prakashdaniel78

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