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Dear Mission-Partners,

The third day of the Gospel Crusade in Mubi has passed. The momentum is growing fast, because tonight 540,000 people attended the service. The message we preach? JESUS SAVES! What does it mean? A full definition is impossible. It covers all life and isn’t just insurance from hellfire and a passport to glory. ‘Jesus saves’ are perhaps the world’s most comprehensive two words needing all sixty-six Bible books to explain. It is simple but has awesome depths, like all God’s ideas, and inspires new explanations and applications every day. Multitudes responded and received! Oh, what a wonderful Savior.

And then came another deluge of healing miracles followed by powerful testimonies. Look at the incredible pictures attached: One lady, blind for three years, smiled ear to ear as she demonstrated her healing to the delight of the crowd. A young lady who was BLIND AND DEAF FOR 23 YEARS received her sight and hearing! 12 women came up at once testifying that they were healed of bareness one year ago at our Yola crusade…they brought the evidence of their healing; 12 beautiful bouncing babies!

The weekend is before us and we anticipate a glorious Holy Spirit crescendo. Thank you for standing with us and praying for us. The Lord will be your great rewarded.

Yours together in the Harvest with the whole CfaN Team,
Evangelists Daniel Kolenda and Reinhard Bonnke.

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