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Dear Mission-Partners,

This morning began with the Fire Conference in Mubi-Town. 65,000 church-workers attended – have a look at the attached awesome photograph!

Their hearts were as parched as the landscape around them, but the God who answers by fire did it again. Yes, the fire of the Holy Spirit really fell mightily.This Holy Spirit Baptism-experience is not for glory-fits on the carpet, but equipment for the task of the Gospel, to give it substance and reality.

And then the evening-meeting started with 630,000 people in attendance (A picture of a portion of the crowd is attached). The Gospel rang out as clear as a bell – and with glorious results. Daniel Kolenda was preaching. The messenger was marked by the message. The Word was “Thus says the Lord” and not “I am telling you…” Such Word penetrates and affects us, stops us in our tracks, spins us around, and gets us going for God, for ever. How much we wished you could have personally witnessed it.

All throughout the sermon the crowd was spontaneously erupting as miracles were taking place – without anyone praying! Innumerable sufferers received healing and deliverance. The line of those waiting to testify was almost unending. It’s as if torrents of healing waters rushed through the massive gathering.

– One young lady was crippled for 20 years. During the prayer for the sick, she fell on the ground and said that a man surrounded by light wearing a white garment came to her and said, “What do you want?” She said, “I want to be healed”. When she awoke she discovered that she had full use of her legs…she could even run! (have a look at the attached picture).

– One little muslim boy who had crawled on the ground all of his life, stood upright for the first time tonight!

– A young girl’s right foot was crippled. For four years she had walked on the side of her foot that was permanently twisted beneath her. I could see the thick callouses on the side of her foot. During the prayer she said that she fell to the ground. She heard a cracking sound and saw how her foot straightened. Jesus healed her!

Tomorrow, Sunday night, is already the last meeting of the crusade in Mubi – North Nigeria. Please keep praying for us. We need it so much.

Yours together in the Harvest with the whole CfaN Team,
Evangelists Daniel Kolenda and Reinhard Bonnke.

Pictures by O. Volyk:

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  • PH Bamaiyi

    Our God is awesome indeed! I am a living witness to what Jesus did in Mubi. Praise God forever more.Mubi has never remained the same. Hallelujah!

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