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Dear Mission Partners,

The first day of Gospel Campaign here in Mbeya, Tanzania has just come to an end. The journey into Mbeya was very long and exhausting. We are surrounded by wilderness and beautiful mountains as far as the eye can see. It feels like Jesus was talking about Mbeya when He said to go to the, “uttermost parts of the earth.”

It is surprisingly cold here. In fact, this morning, when I arrived on the field, some of our European technicians were warming their hands over a toaster. Yet the field was full of pastors and church workers, many of whom had come out before the sun had risen, sitting in the freezing cold, waiting to hear the Word of God. The people here are hungry for God and full of faith for what He will do this week. It has already been worth every effort to get here.

Tonight, after I preached the Gospel and prayed for the sick we heard wonderful miracles. Among them was a blind woman woman and a woman deaf in her left ear.

A man with a terrible disease in his feet had not been able to walk for a year. He had seen local doctors who said they did not understand the problem and could not help him. Tonight Jesus touched him and healed him. He wept tears of joy as he gave his testimony. Then we danced together on the platform.

So many people came forward when I called for testimonies that it was chaos for a while. Many demons manifested as I prayed for the sick and many thousands received Jesus tonight.

Please continue to pray for us. Our work here has just begun and I believe the best is yet to come!

Yours in the Harvest,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

On Behalf of Reinhard Bonnke, Peter Vandenberg and the whole CfaN team








Pictures by O. Volyk


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