In Crusade Photos, Posted from Gulu Uganda

Dear Mission Partners,

As the meeting began tonight, the leading politician in Gulu gave a speech to close the event.  He thanked our team for coming.  He said that no politician had ever seen a crowd like this before.  He also said that although this is the last night of the campaign, it was just the beginning of a new season in Gulu.  I couldn’t agree more!

By the time I took the pulpit, a ferocious lighting storm was raging, rain was pouring and thunder was rolling all around the perimeter of the field.  But the Lord was good to us.  Even though the storm was raging all around us, He protected our crusade ground from the deluge, giving me just enough time to preach a condensed Gospel message, give an alter call pray for the sick and pronounce blessings on the people.  I could tell that the crowd was extremely nervous, but many tens of thousands stayed until the very end.  It was touching to see their unwavering hunger even as lighting was flashing all around them.

It’s true that the meeting was cut short, but God is on the throne.  After 5 days and 11 public meetings, I am sure that the Gospel has landed and Gulu will never be the same again.  Now we prepare to leave this little town that has found a special place in our hearts knowing that He who began a good work here will be faithful to complete it.  Thousands of souls have come into the arms of Jesus, Heaven is rejoicing, and one day we will meet again around the throne of God.

Thank you for loving the people of Uganda enough to pray for us and send us to do this priceless work.  We are ETERNALLY grateful.

Yours in the Gospel,
Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
Together with Reinhard Bonnke and the whole CfaN team



Pictures by O. Volyk

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  • sarath wijesinghe

    I am praying for you.We reign in life as kings by one,CHRIST JESUS.

  • jeff deyo

    Reinhard and Daniel
    i am requesting prayer….i think reinhard refers to this as a pentacostal deliverance prayer…tranforming my life, marriage, family, ministry, finances and health
    i have been a consistent supporter for a couple of years and long for a bigger role
    thanks for your prayers
    jeff deyo

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