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Last night we had a powerful service here in Rome.  We were scheduled to minister in a local church, but the response to the meeting was so overwhelming that it was moved to a much larger, neutral venue in the heart of the city.  It was absolutely packed, with people having to stand down the isles.  Evangelist Bonnke preached the Gospel and I wept as I heard it again, as though it was the first time.  How I wish that every person could hear the Gospel preached just like that, even if only once in their lives.  The altars were FLOODED and the tears were flowing like a river.  There is no doubt that many were really and truly born again…Praise the Lord!

After the altar call I came up to pray for the sick.  I have heard a lot of negativity about Italy regarding the condition of the Church.  I have heard Christians say that it is one of the most difficult places to minister, and Rome the most difficult in Italy.  In fact, one pastor said that Rome is often called, “The Graveyard of Missionaries”.  But last night we saw the power of God demonstrated powerfully.  Many people came forward to testify of miraculous and instantaneous healings of every sort including one woman whose leg, which was shorter than the other, grew out to be of equal length on the platform in front of the huge crowd.  After praying for her, I asked her to walk without her special shoes and she began to weep.  “There is no more pain in my hip”,  She told me through tears as she embraced me.

We are now on our way to Africa again where we will be holding a Gospel Campaign next week.  Please keep checking back for daily updates and please remember to keep us in your prayers as we return to a nation that has been terrorized by violence against Christians just a matter of days ago.  We press on in the face of danger because we know and believe that it is only the light of the Gospel that can dispel the darkness.

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  • Bob

    Hi Daniel,

    I came to know Rev.Bonnke back in 2003 during a crusade. I have since been changed after the meetings. I am glad to know you and that God chose you to help keep the flame burning on. I just wanted to say this ; Never stop!

    God bless you.

  • esaie

    bonjour daniel svp je peut avoir votre e-mail adresse et celle de bonnke.

  • Robert

    Great to here about Rome to Jesus. My name is Robert from Tanzania, usually follow about Reinhard Bonnke and Cfan. wish could have great experience on sharing like magazines or dvds. recently cant afford for dvds but at least magazines. Would you pliz let me know you can send me those copies per months evenly.
    Thanks, God bless you.

  • Simone

    Thank’s Jesus, because I have assist at Fire Conference in Rome and, when the Pastors Bonke y Kolenda have praise for salvation my wife have acept Jesus in your Life…. Thank you LORD, Thank Tou.

  • Rev Dr Jan Grey

    Hail! from Sydney, Australia!

    Praise God for Rome!

    How can I contact Ev Reinhardt Bonnke? We’ve shared a platforn in 1984 on Loftus Versfeldt Stadium in Pretoria, South Africa. Perhaps it could be done again in Sydney!
    Jan Grey.
    God bless you!

  • Ross

    Thanks Daniel for the kind words and encouragement. The fire for winning souls burning mightily in my heart and I am sure that is the call of God, The Holy Spirit will not let me think about anything else, just anime, anime and anime. Thanks for your ministry and that of Reinhard Bonnke I have given so much, and you are an example to imitate and follow. I pray that God will use mightily. With brotherly love in Christ, Ross

  • Francesco

    Ero a Roma ho assistito alla manifestazione della Gloria della Potenza e della Bontà di Cristo Re.
    Molti sono stati Benedetti dai messaggi e dalle preghiere del Past. Bonnke e dal Past Kolenda.
    Spero di potervi incontrare di nuovo a Roma
    Gloria a Dio.
    Francesco – Roma – Italia

  • Candice

    All praise to God! God loves every one!

  • Jerry Akinwe

    I believe the Lord is going to do things so mighty He has never done before in your next crusade in Ngeria. Jesus is on the throne and He is with you always.

  • Daniel Robbins

    Praise God. The Best Is Yet To Come…. You Guys Will Definitely Be In My Prayers In Nigeria.

    • Daniel Kolenda

      Thank you Daniel!

  • Charlie

    Hey I Love this ministry. It blesses me alot. i happen to read something about the history of disco, please if it is possible shareit with me or give me access to a resource where i can find it and or buy it.



  • Ross

    God bless you Daniel, I would like to thank you for what you gave in my heart. I am Bulgarian and my wife (of Argentina Buenos Aires, which incidentally is pregnant) and our son almost three years, we were there, soto the tent. We learned Friday and immediately we started because we did not want to lose the blessing of God for us. We live 250 km from Rome, but no matter when you feel that God is calling you. The longing of our hearts is that God uses us like you, we feel passionate call for the souls who will not let me breathe. Africa is in my heart and pray the Lord of apprirci the doors to go there. God bless you and our prayers are always with you, who saved pious people as possible. Affectionately Ross

    • Daniel Kolenda

      Bless you Ross for taking the time to drive all the way to Rome. I am sure that the Lord sees and hears the desire of your heart and will give you a rich harvest of souls for His glory. Keep pressing on!

  • Vik Feodorov

    Dear Daniel,
    I can imagine the joy of that Sister healed – the Savior touched me!
    This is a true beauty of Christ, the living Jesus! I have a son, one of five, for whose life I, then a young Ukrainian father, fought vigorously. Then later with my wife we discovered that he had a much shorter leg than the other. With my exhausted Pentecostal mind I thought that, well, at least, he is alive. But many years later, in his eighnteen, Jesus healed him!!! I could not beleive my eyes, dear Borthers and Sisters! Well, listen, if God does this work then the day of the Lord is coming. What a joy!

    • Daniel Kolenda

      Praise the Lord Vik! I am rejoicing with you. Jesus is alive!

  • Monika

    Hello Daniel! I was there, yesterday. I was so blessed. A big thank to God for over 55 milion persons saved.God bless you.

    P.S. I love the history of disco told by Bonnke.

    • Daniel Kolenda

      Yes Monika…that story of the disco is one of my favorites. Im glad you heard it. Stay blessed and shake Italy for Jesus!

    • Keith Andrew

      I know that reinhard and you are called to Africa, but I love it that you “tithe” outside of that continent as well. I just finished the book “living a life of fire”, you are certainly blessed to get to carry on the mantle of that annointing. I pray God grants you the strength, discernment, and character to carry the CFAN torch as reinhard passes the flame to you Daniel. I pray that not a day goes by that you do not feel the hand of God on your life. Amen!

    • Daniel Kolenda

      Thank you Keith. I receive that in Jesus name!

  • Jason Ritchie

    God Bless you & keep it up! I heard Reinhard speak in our home church a week ago in Knoxville. I love the work your doing and God has given me opportunities to share the Gospel since then.

    • Daniel Kolenda

      Praise the Lord Jason. You were blessed to have Evangelist Bonnke at your church. He is a true man of God and a great example to the next generation.

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