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Just a quick update on the run: yesterday I was preaching in Dusseldorf.  Today I am in Tostdet, a little town on the outskirts of Hamburg.  Tomorrow I will preach here again, before traveling on to Singapore.

It’s Pentecost Sunday today and so the theme of the services was right up my alley.  I must say that the burden of the Lord came over me this morning so strongly as I got up to preach.  I was about 1/3 through my message when the Holy Spirit just took over and I can hardly remember anything that was said or done for the rest of the service.  All I know is the fire fell!

I’ve just returned from the evening service where the Lord spoke so clearly and imparted an Acts 4:31 spirit of boldness…an essential component of the full Pentecostal experience.  The power has not been given so we can have great church services, but according to Jesus, that we might be witnesses unto Him (Acts 1:8).  I can’t wait to see what the Holy Ghost does tomorrow morning!

We celebrated Pentecost today, but it was no “memorial service”.  The Holy Spirit is not dead…He is alive and well.  Pentecost is not history…it’s news!

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  • Anita Fuentes

    Wow, how wonderful and exciting. Praise be to GOD in the highest!
    Much love in Christ Jesus, Anita

  • Patrick Holloran

    I must tell you that I truly enjoyed your message of Sunday evening there in Tosted. It caused me to dig into Judges 6 and I appreciated your call to the people for Boldness and to go outside the church. Great time and a great message. God Bless You In Jesus Christ’s Name!

  • Jennifer

    What encouraging news!!! God Bless you as you continue to spread His Word!!!!!

  • Russ Benson

    Again, what a wonderful article Daniel . The message of Pentecost needs to be shouted from every pulpit in America. Blessings!

  • Danny

    Lets pray for more Holy Spirit moments pastor! When the Holy Spirit takes control of church services across the land, when salvation is poured out and lost souls are saved, the sick are healed and when He is free to do what He wants to do.

  • Roberto Carbajal

    a very powerful messag.Hallelujah

  • Wendy Yu

    Amen, Pastor!
    Our God is mighty and powerful to save!
    So uplifted by what God is doing through your ministry.
    I attended the Fire Conference in Taipei last Nov., and the fire is still burning!

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