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Dear Missions Partners,


I am excited to share with you that our Pre-Crusade team of evangelists have seen over 129,000 salvations in just three weeks of ministering in the schools throughout Nakuru, Kenya! Nearly half of the total decisions were received this past week alone while visiting 150 schools and seeing over 60,000 young people give their life to Jesus.

While we rejoice and stand in awe of what God has done thus far, our team isn’t slowing down at all. Instead, with over 3 weeks left of outreach before the main crusade next month, we are only increasing our efforts to maximize on this window of opportunity. The young people of Nakuru are being impacted by the Gospel and seeds are being sown that will bring salvation to entire families and villages, producing lasting fruit in Kenya.

Thank you for your partnership and for standing with us to make this all a reality. Please continue to pray for our pre-crusade team as we continue to minister and for the main crusade which takes place on August 8-11 in Nakuru, Kenya.


Yours in the Gospel,

Daniel Kolenda

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