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I just received this message by email from my good friend, Pastor Russell Benson who pastors our Covenant Community Fellowship church in Indiana. It is about the elections yesterday and I thought it worth posting. Our hope is in the Lord

(By Pastor Russell Benson)

As I write this, Sen. Barack Obama is being declared the winner of the 2008 U.S. presidential election. We have heard that this was the most historic and important presidential election of our time. Whether it was the most important election or not, one thing is for sure, it certainly will have a profound effect on the future of our nation!

I know many of you reading this are disappointed at the results of the election. The decision that America has made can potentially have a deep and profound effect on issues like the sanctity of marriage, freedom of religion, abortion, and many other issues that we as Christians are so concerned about.  It is easy to get discouraged about the future of our nation.  What will happen? How about the Supreme Court? Abortion, etc…

I feel impressed at this time to direct us to the true Hope, the true answer. There is only one hope for our nation and he is not the president of the United States. We know as Christians that our hope is in the LORD. We should not expect to have any real hope outside the Lord Jesus Christ.  The answers for America do not lie in Washington or in a political party. The only hope for America and the entire world is Jesus Christ.

Scripture tells us that it is Christ in us, the hope of Glory. Despite the political speeches, it is the church that is the city shining on a hill, not Washington D.C.  The church is called the Salt of the earth. We hold the answers for this nation and this world.  We must remind ourselves in this time that no matter what comes our way, no matter what is ahead, we can stand strong in faith. We do not need to let up or waver despite the darkness of the situation.

We will not be shaken and we will not be moved. Now is the time for the church of Jesus Christ to stand stronger than ever. We must stand for righteousness and holiness no matter what comes our way. We cannot be surprised when the majority of people around us reject holiness and reject the ways of the Lord. We cannot be surprised when they embrace a culture of death.  We are not to be taken off guard, but we will be motivated even more to pray, even more to stand out in the darkness. We will let our light shine in a dark world, we must!  Friend, we must shine in the darkness.

Church, we are not to be shaken but we are to understand the times and seasons we are in. We are to discern what the Spirit of the Lord is speaking to the Church of Jesus Christ. Now it is time to get our marching orders and press forward. The body of Christ must prepare for what is ahead for us. We must be the voice crying in the wilderness Prepare the way of the Lord. It is not the church that is a reflection of the world, but the world is a reflection of the church. This is why judgment begins in the house of the Lord. We must be the church, God has called us to be and in turn America will be effected by the church. In these sober and prophetic times, now is the time for the church of Jesus Christ to rise up in true holiness, Holy Spirit power, and boldness. Get ready, now is our time to shine!

Russell K. Benson

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