Ikot Ekpene, Nigeria – Final Day

Dear Mission - Partners, We have just returned to the hotel from the last meeting of this glorious Gospel Crusade in Ikot Ekpene/Nigeria. Tonight 400,000 people attended the service. Although [...]

Ikot Ekpene, Nigeria – Day 4

Dear Mission - Partners, Today the crowd reached the mark of 300,000 people – so many! I wished you could have been here in person. It’s not really the number that thrills us so much, but what [...]

Ikot Ekpene, Nigeria – Day 3

We have just returned from another wonderful crusade tonight. The response of the people was overwhelming and full of faith. What a privilege it is to preach the Gospel to such hungry people. [...]

Ikot Ekpene, Nigeria – Day 2

We have just returned from the second evening of services here in Ikot Ekpene. As we drove to the crusade ground we could see that it would be a challenging night...the rain was falling and the [...]

Ikot Ekpene, Nigeria – First Night

Dear CfaN - Partners, The first crusade-meeting today drew 125,000 people – and it was an excellent start. I preached my heart out – and the Lord gave a mighty harvest of souls, as well as [...]

Our Hope Is In the Lord!

I just received this message by email from my good friend, Pastor Russell Benson who pastors our Covenant Community Fellowship church in Indiana. It is about the elections yesterday and I thought [...]

Arrival in Ikot Ekpene

Today we arrived in Ikot Ekpene, Nigeria and I am SO happy to have internet access this time! It was a long day that began a 4 am and just finished at 10 pm! It included a procession into the [...]