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Last night was a wonderful beginning to the services that will be taking place all throughout the week. I could sense the tide of the anointing rising all throughout the evening. The people are hungry, but in the middle of a national spiritual drought. It is the polar opposite of what I experienced in Brazil, where the nation seemed to be ablaze with the Fire of God. There is really no revival to speak of anywhere in Japan. It is not because the people are not hungry however. As I began to preach I felt like the people were drinking in every word. The Japanese are a quiet, and sometimes shy people, but I saw tears streaming down many faces as I preached and It seemed as if certain people were about to burst open. I could feel the hunger of the people reaching out. At the end of the week I am going to preach about the Fire of God and pray for the Baptism in the Holy Spirit…I am anticipating a powerful move of God…they are ready! This morning I preach and again tonight and then again tomorrow night. More to come…
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