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Tonight was the first night of the CfaN crusade here in Abakaliki. There was no warm up necessary…it started out with a bang. Everyone had come with great expectation and they were not disappointed.

There are certain aspects of these crusades that you cannot experience unless you are there to see it. My favorite one is after the prayer for the sick; all over the crusade grounds there are pockets of activity. Everywhere you look something is happening. Over here someone’s crutches have gone up in the air and everyone around them is going wild. On the other side someone is being delivered from a demon. Tonight, the whole field was a boiling cauldron of activity. All the commotion caused a cloud of dust to rise up from beneath the thousands of feet nearly obscuring vision, but out of the cloud came powerful testimonies of God’s healing power.

Several people were healed from paralysis…some so thoroughly it was nearly impossible to tell that anything had ever been wrong. Blind eyes were opened. The deaf and dumb spoke and heard. The testimonies kept coming and coming. It was truly a glorious beginning and I’m sure there is much more to come.

Tomorrow morning I have been invited to minister to the pastors at the fire conference and Friday evening I will be preaching the evangelistic message in the crusade. We all appreciate your prayers throughout the week as we minister here in Abakaliki. More to come…

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