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My wife and I are both devouring what we agree is one of the very best books we have ever read. It is the new autobiography of Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke; Living A Life of Fire. I consider myself an avid reader and have quite a number of biographies and autobiographies in my library, but they are usually my least favorite books, being full of statistics, dates and data that could only be interesting to the author.

This book is very different. It is 628 pages crammed full of some of the most fascinating and thrilling stories you will ever read…and they are all absolutely true! It reads like a sequel to the book of ACTS and every minister will draw courage and inspiration from its pages…especially evangelists.

It is especially interesting to me because I have heard Evangelist Bonnke tell many of these stories firsthand and they are unforgettable. Here is an abbreviated excerpt of one such story that I just read this morning from chapter 18. Enjoy…

My phone rang. Brother Harold Horn, someone I had known since my arrival in Lesotho, said, “Reinhard, come to Kimberly and preach to us.” I said, “I will come.”

…Friday night as I sat on the platform I looked across the gathering of 200 people. Not one young person did I see in the room. Not one. I leaned over to Harold, who was near to me, and asked, “Where are the young people?” He nodded sadly, acknowledging that I had correctly seen the problem. Every head in the room was gray. I preached. The service was closed, and the people filtered out to their cars to go home. When they had gone, Harold came to me.

“Reinhard, would you like to see the answer to your question? Would you like to know where all the young people in Kimberly are?”

“Yes, I would,” I replied.

“I will show you. Get into my car, and I will take you there.”

…He drove through the streets, turning this way and that until he came to a large building at the edge of a warehouse district. The building was ablaze with gaudy neon signs. One large sign blinked out the word, disco, disco, disco…The parking lot was jam-packed to overflowing with vehicles. …As he turned off the key I could hear the boom, boom, boom, of the heavy bass beat coming through the walls of that building. The so-called music seemed to shake the very ground beneath us with an ungodly spirit. “This is a den of iniquity,” I said sadly…He nodded. “This is the latest thing, Reinhard. It is called a discotheque, a dance club. It is a craze that is sweeping the whole world right now, and young people everywhere are very attracted to it…Let’s go inside.”

“Oh, no,” I said. “Let’s go home. I have never gone to such a place. It would be an abomination to me…But as I turned to get into the car I felt bad inside. I stopped in my tracks. This is when the Holy Spirit began to speak to me. Since I had come this far, something seemed wrong if I now turned away. But I had no idea what the Spirit wanted me to do. I just couldn’t leave.

“Let’s take a look inside,” Harold suggested. Suddenly, this seemed exactly right. Everything in my spirit said yes. I nodded. “OK, Harold. Lets just take a look at this disco.” …We came to the door and stood there. I felt the Spirit say to me very clearly,
Look inside. I will show you something you do not know. I took a deep breath then opened the door. The blast of music must have knocked the hair back from my forehead. I have never heard such volume in my life. It was deafening. But it was in that instant that I received a spiritual vision of the reality of the disco. In the flash of the strobe lights, I did not see young people dancing with joy. I saw frozen images of boredom, fear, loneliness, and insecurity, one after the other, captured on the faces of those young people. The split-second flashes of light revealed these images, over and over and over again, like stop-action. Each of those haunted faces spoke to me of emptiness. Pure emptiness.

…Suddenly, I could not care less what anyone thought of me. I knew that I would preach in this disco. Nothing could deny the love of Jesus that I felt. I shut the door and looked at Harold. I hear the Holy spirit say in my heart, Find the owner of this place. And so, I said to Harold, “Help me to find the owner of this disco.”

“What good will that do?”

“I must talk to him. Let’s find him now.”

“But what will you say to him?”

“I will ask him to let me preach in his disco.”

Harold laughed. “You won’t do that, Reinhard.”

“I will. I absolutely will.”

Harold followed me now. I inquired inside the disco, and we were led to an office at the rear of the building. The owner was a middle-aged businessman who looked to be very much a part of the rock-and-roll culture. He had long hair, gold chains around his neck, an open-collared shirt, and blue jeans. I said to him, “Sir, I’ve come all the way from Germany. I am asking you for permission to allow me to address the young people in your disco for just five minutes.” He looked at me from top to toe. “You’re a preacher,” he said. I was still dressed in my suit and tie. I nodded. He said, “If you want to preach you should preach in a church.”

“There are no young people in the church,” I said. “They don’t come to the church so the preacher must come to the young people. Now give me five minutes, only five minutes, I ask of you.”

“You’ve got to be kidding.” He shook his head in disbelief, then turned around and walked away. “There is no way, man.” He had no sympathy for my plea at all.

As he was walking, suddenly the Holy spirit touched me. He said to me, Tell him what you saw when you looked into his dance hall. I went after the man and took him by the arm. He turned to face me again. “One question, sir,” I said, looking deep into his eyes. “Do you think the young people find what they need for life in your disco?” Slowly the face of that man changed. He looked down thoughtfully. When he looked up again he said, “It is very strange that you would say that. I have children of my own. I’ve thought many times that the disco will not give the young people what they need for life.”

“I beg you, sir, give me five minutes with them.” He was thoughtful for a moment. “OK, but not tonight. Saturday night, tomorrow night at midnight, I will give you the microphone for five minutes.” I grabbed his hand and shook it. “It’s a deal, and thank you, sir. I will be here.”

…The next night I…dressed in casual clothes. I did not want to look like a preacher just coming from church. I needed disco camouflage….When at last the clock struck twelve, the music stopped. I jumped up and onto the stage where the records were being spun. I took the microphone from the disk jockey and shouted, “Sit down, sit down, sit down. I’ve come all the way from Germany, and I’ve got something very important to tell you.” Suddenly the young people began sitting down everywhere. It was then I realized I was not in church but in a dance hall. …Most of the young people plopped right down on the floor. There they sat, smoking cigarettes and chewing gum, waiting for me to tell them something very important that I had brought with me all the way from Germany.

I started to preach on minute, two minutes; suddenly the Holy Spirit was there; I mean the wind of God blew into that disco. Suddenly I heard sobbing. I saw young people getting out their handkerchiefs and starting to wipe their eyes, crying everywhere. …I had preached enough to know that when people start shedding tears, it’s time for an altar call. I said, “How many of you want to receive Jesus Christ as your Savior? How many want to find forgiveness for your sins and enter God’s plan for your life, as of tonight?”

Every hand that I could see in that place went straight up. I said, “Alright, repeat after me.” We prayed the prayer of salvation together. My five minutes were up. My work was done. I left walking on cloud number nine, rejoicing, absolutely rejoicing…

A year later I returned to Kimberly. Harold met me at the airport. He said, “Get in my car. I have a surprise for you.” I got in his car. He did not say anything about it; he just drove through the winding streets until he came to the warehouse district. The car stopped. I looked out of the window. I could not believe my eyes. I wiped them and looked again. Instead of seeing the big disco sign, there was a huge white cross on the front of the building.

“This is not the surprise,” Harold said. “Come inside.”

We walked up to that door where we had stood one year ago…”Are you ready for this, Reinhard?” Harold swung the door open, and I looked into a packed house full of young people. They were chanting, “Bonnke, Bonnke, Bonnke.” I cried out with joy. They rushed to me, hugging me and shaking my hands, bringing me inside. One young man said, “Remember me? I was the disk jockey that night that you came.” Another grabbed my hand. “I was operating the light show.” Another said, “We were dancing the night away. Now we are serving Jesus.”

“After you left town, the disco went bankrupt,” Harold shouted to me. “This disco is a church!” He was beaming from ear to ear.”…

If you would like to learn more about this book or order a copy CLICK HERE

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  • Aremu Emmanuel

    Hi, Evangelist Daniel. Grace to you in the name of Jesus Christ. Please, I am Aremu Emmanuel from Nigeria. I will like to get a copy of Living a Life of Fire by Evangelist Bonnke, Please I will like if you can help me with further instructions on how to get a copy of the book here in Nigeria. God bless you sir.

  • Muzo

    Daniel, a wonderful story in the lives of Ev. Reinhard Bonnke and Brother Harold Horn. Brother Horn is now pastoring a church in Alexandra, near Sandton in Johannesburg, South Africa. He still still has not lost passion for winning souls, all these many years later. What an inspiration these two men are. May the LORD be glorified!


  • Ross

    Daniel, what happened to Reinhard Bonnke is great and I think that God wants to do with any servant brave-hearted and willing to save the lost souls. God bless you!

  • Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

    Thank you Prabu…blessings!

  • Anonymous

    mm… luv this )

  • Francis

    Hi Daniel,
    Is it possible to acquire a copy of your fine,sermon "The League of Dangerous Gentlemen?"
    Kind Regards,


    Dear Brother,
    YOu have a great privilage to stnad with REINHARD in ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ
    God Bless You



    Dear Brother,
    I thank you from the bottom of the heart for sharing this story. I believe the mantle is on you for taking the gospel of Jesus to all over the World.
    Praise God


  • DarinAllenNewberry

    Bro. Kolenda, thank you for your inspiring blog, and for taking time out to share another angle on your ministry and life here.

    Rev. Bonnke's book brought so many memories back to me. You met my father, Dr. David Newberry, recently at the Dallas Firestorm meeting, where he shared a prophetic word. My family has been impacted by CfaN and Rev. Bonnke's ministry since 1984. I thank God for what your ministry team are doing, and have been emboldened by reading this latest book. What exciting times we live in!

  • Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

    Amen Viktor! I am reminded of how the Bible says that if everything Jesus did was written down, the world itself could not contain the books. I always thought this was an exaturation, but then I realized that if you recorded everything that Jesus has done, it would include your story, my story, Reinhard Bonnke's story etc. It is indeed beyond calculation – the great things He has done. Stay faithful. I look forward to hearing more from you.

  • Anonymous

    Brother Daniel, I thank the Lord for you sharing this "story of the glory", His wonderful, glorious, noble work of salvation. I got this book myself as a miracle. Just before my 50th jubilee I thought "My God, I want a miraculous gift from You for my birthday, something from Bro.Bonnke". The very next day I saw an e-mail message from CfaN. There was an announcement about this book telling about his 50 years in ministry for the Lord! My youngest daughter (Lord made an amazing impact in her life when you prayed for her at the FireStorm over my cell phone) knew about my desire and was able to obtain it for me in exchange of certain donation. As i read the first chapter I was, indeed, more crying than reading, the same is now and how anyone's heart can be not touched by these burning pages? A son of a persecuted Ukrainian Pentecostal preacher myself, I also remember many glorious stories from USSR. It's very proper, indeed, to be full of expectation of that promised fire across this land as well. I'd like to express my desire before the Lord to see you, dear Brother, preaching here, in upper Midwest. In Christ, Viktor

  • Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

    I look forward to meeting you BRM. God bless you.

  • BRM

    "I Will I Absolutely WILL"

    in my minds eye I heard that in Reinhard's inimitable Style !!

    Pas Reinhard simply eats , breathes , lives FIRE !

    What an example to follow .

    Love to you and Pas Reinhard

    One day I will meet you both in person to tell you how much an influence you both been in my life.


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