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It is no side issue that Jesus walked with his disciples for 3 years.  He could have just randomly selected a group of young men to send to the upper room or written his own Gospel and sent it far and wide the by hands of couriers.  He could have held a 50-minute class every day for anyone to attend and in this way he would have had far more students.  Instead He chose only 12 men…few enough that He could give Himself to them wholly.  He lived with them day and night.  He gave them more than teachings and instructions, He gave them Himself.  His desire was that they would not merely be teachers or preachers about Him, but rather “witnesses” unto Him.  In fact, Jesus even told John’s disciples to report back to him what they had HEARD and SEEN; that is to say, what they had personally experienced.

There are so many preachers and so few witnesses, so many that know about Him and so few that know him.  Our fine Bible Colleges are invested in teaching about Jesus, but the real power lies in knowing Him intimately and experientially.  Daniel 11:32 says, “…but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.”  This experiential knowledge of God is so critical for the servant of God and without it we are nothing but talking heads.

The “Seven Sons of Sceva” met a man possessed with a demon and confronted the evil power with an imitation of Paul’s effective technique.  “We adjure you” they said, “by Jesus whom Paul preacheth.”  Acts 19:15 says, “And the evil spirit answered and said, Jesus I know and Paul I know, but who are you?  (16) And the man in whom the evil spirt was leaped on them, and overcame them and prevailed against them, so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded.

We often hear about the power of the name of Jesus, but this story illustrates one potent fact; knowing the name is not enough…you must know the man behind the name Himself.  Paul had power over these evil spirits not because he could use the name of Jesus, like a spell from a book of incantations, but because he had met the Man, Christ Jesus Himself, on the road to Damascus and knew Him personally.

In the 6th chapter of his book, Isaiah “saw the Lord”.  That vision was the defining moment of Isaiah’s life transforming him from an ordinary youth with unclean lips to an extraordinary mouthpiece for the living God.  It is this moment that we all need. It is not enough to learn about God, to sing about Him, to read about Him.  It is not enough to pray and preach and try to live right.  It is not even enought to flow in the gifts and see the evidences of His power.  We need that defining moment.  That vision, that Burning Bush, that Mount of Transfiguration, that Bethel, that Sainai, that Mt Carmel, that Damascus Road.  We need to know God through Jesus Christ and experience Him personally.  That is where the great power is.

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  • satish spurgeon

    before studying this word i felt i havea lot of bible knowledge but now i came to that even demons know the word of god

  • John Morgan

    Would that I would always obey Jesus fearlessly, out of love. Thank you for the complete surrender of your life. As an entertainer, but much more importantly, a sold out child of our God, I long to be completely submitted and obedient, regardless the cost. please keep up the good work!
    John Morgan

  • Josef Kohoutek

    Hi Daniel. I love this truth Jesus Wants “Witnesses” Not Just Preachers. But in this days I have a problem, I want be a witness of God, but I am scary go out, and just preach. For me is the most important hear what Holy Spirit says and do it (but sometimes I don´t do it :-() So what do you think can I be witnesses of God without go out on the street and preach? I can speak with my friends or with no much people about God, but I’m so afraid , when i have speak about god for meny people or on the street.

    I am from Czech republic, so please apologize for my english.

    • Jorge

      Josef, he is able to give you the strength you seek. You can receive this strength through passionate,fervent,consistent, and faithfilled prayer. You can do this but only through him!!!

  • Lisa Cash Hanson

    I was miraculously healed of an appendicitis a while back. But that is not what I hold on to most in my walk with Jesus.
    Or any other amazing supernatural experience .

    For me when I read HIS word in my time of need, trying to learn more about HIS personality, and HIS heart I find that as I go about my day suddenly I hear a still small voice…..And HE teaches me something that I wasn’t even asking.
    Funny thing…it is always something I need.
    I also find if I remember to ask just simple things such as “Lord if there is someone hurting , broken , or needing you send them across my path” funny thing again He always does.

    Those are the experiences I hold to the most with my God.

    I have so much to learn and I am hungry not just for HIS power but for HIS heart and I believe He is teaching me more and more each day.

  • Servant of Christ: Jason

    In 2004, on my death bed, Jesus visited me. He is full of love and beautiful beyond description. I have not seen a God who loves us more than Himself. He showed me visions of the Heavens, His throne, angels and saints who are constantly rejoicing Him. Ever-since that day, God is continuing to enlarge His ministry in my life without measure. I am nothing and I live to serve Him. Jesus loves His people. We must save SOULS at any cost for Him.

    My dearest friend and great man of God, Daniel Kolenda: Your blog clearly expounds the truth of His revelation. The photo enclosed depicts your message creatively. Yes, our lives will not be any different till we have a divine encounter with the living and resurrected Lord Jesus Christ. Keep blogging to preach the Gospel to the digital natives. I read your blog without fail.

    Lets plunder Hell and populate Heaven. Amen!

    Praying and fasting much for CFAN,
    Servant of Christ:

    • Daniel Kolenda

      Thank you for that wonderful testimony Jason. Im sure that you will never be the same after such an encounter. May you continue to live to know him more and more.

  • Deb

    Yes, thankyou Daniel, that’s exactly what the Body of Christ needs to hear right now. I hesitated to say it on the site of someone experienced in evangelizing multitudes, but surely great power is birthed out of brokenness and intimate time spent with the Lord. (Isn’t that true worship?) I suppose we can just go with the Knowledge of the Word of God, but isn’t it far better to go as the Word-in oneness with the Father. Also, then can we ask, and whatever we ask it shall be done-no tag of “in Jesus’ name” needed, even though we all do it.

  • Brandon

    This is great. I preached this on Sunday! Great stuff.

  • Eric Gilmour

    Wow! Dan, that is it! Gladstone points out the Jesus never taught the woman at the well how to evangelize. He just taught her how to drink. We are not to do witnessing, but be witnesses. The branches don’t focus on bearing forth fruit, but rather on receiving the sap.

    • Daniel Kolenda

      Excellent stuff Eric! Of course there is a commission to “go”, but we must go with more than cerebral information. No one can be a witness to that which he has not personally “heard and seen”.

    • angelo

      no podemos dar al mundo de lo que no tenemos, y el mundo va salir de las tienblas con un evangelio vivo y de fuego


    • angelo

      no podemos dar al mundo de lo que no tenemos, y el mundo va salir de las tienblas con un evangelio vivo y de fuego


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