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We have just returned from another wonderful crusade tonight. The response of the people was overwhelming and full of faith. What a privilege it is to preach the Gospel to such hungry people. Below is Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke’s report from tonight:

(By Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke)

Dear Mission – Partners,

Although it was a very rainy day today (I’ve never seen such horrendous downpours), in the evening the crowd jumped to 250,000. The Word of God was powerfully and clearly proclaimed – with innumerable salvations. What an honor to preach to such a vast and open-hearted congregation. Next Jesus stepped in as the Healer of the sick, releasing each time mighty salvoes of joy from the crowd. The blind saw and the cripples walked just as in the days of the New Testament.

Yes, the impossible happens when God is around. It is His hallmark. Creation itself began when He passed by. Job speaks of the universe as ‘but the outer fringe of His works’, or ‘the skirts of His ways’ like a track left by walking on the wet grass. So it was with Jesus. You could tell when He had passed through a Jewish village. There were no sick people left! Where He is there’s no problem about walking the waves, raising the dead, or feeding five thousand with a boy’s packed lunch. It just happens. The elements bend to His will. ‘He makes ALL THINGS work together for good to them that love the Lord.’ One thing is undeniable: Tonight Jesus was in the crowd, hallelujah!

Tomorrow the Fire Conference comes to a climax. The Holy Spirit will fall! We are rejoicing! Please pray for dry weather – and also for the finance still urgently needed for the next Gospel Crusade, which is to start the first week of next month. Our eyes are on Jesus, the Lord of the Harvest.

Yours as God’s reapers,
Evangelists Reinhard Bonnke and Daniel Kolenda,
together with the whole CfaN Team.

Pictures by Oleksandr Volyk

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