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Dear Mission Partners,

No matter how many times we do this, it never gets old. This morning, and again tonight, we prayed as we do in every crusade, for the people to receive the baptism into the Holy Spirit. Twice today, we saw how ready and willing the Father is to pour out His promise on every hungry heart.

Tonight, we heard a testimony from a man who was an armed robber. He got saved a few years ago in one of our previous crusades in Ghana. He also had suffered a leg and neck injury in his gangster days during a robbery, and he has carried this in his body for years. Last night, Jesus completely healed him. He waited to see if it was real. Tonight, he testified that all the pain is gone. He has full mobility in his body. He is totally healed!

A woman told us that she had an eye disease which was supposed to leave her blind. She put medication in her eyes every day, and had to visit the doctor at the hospital once per month for treatment. Yesterday, she came to the meeting and was prayed for. Today was her day for treatment at the hospital, but after the doctor examined her he said he doesn’t want to see her anymore. She is totally well!

These, and many other wonderful testimonies were given tonight. When I asked how many people have received a physical healing this week, literally hundreds upon hundreds of hands went up…maybe even thousands. But the greatest miracle is the tens of thousands that have surrendered their lives to Jesus. Sunyani will never be the same again.

Tomorrow night is the last meeting here. Please intercede for us, and for one more massive harvest.

Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

Together with the whole CfaN team

Former Rober

Former Robber

Glaucoma 5 years

Glaucoma 5 years


Cant walk without stick

Cant walk without stick




Pictures by O. Volyk

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