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Dear Mission Partners,

Today has been a day of Holy Spirit outpouring…this morning and then again tonight. There is a tremendous hunger for God here in Lusaka, Zambia. This morning Rev. Oliver Raper and Evangelist Scott Lee delivered powerful words to the many pastors and church workers before we prayed for them. So many were powerfully touched that sometimes it looked like a battlefield. It was holy chaos!

It is worth mentioning that I have heard over and over from the local pastors how extraordinary the church participation is. One top bishop told me that in the past they had struggled just to get a couple hundred churches to work together. But for this crusade, more than one thousand churches are participating! This in itself is a miracle and a testimony to the credibility and trust that CfaN has in Africa. We pray that one of the lasting impacts of this crusade would be ongoing church unity.

Tonight, after preaching the Gospel and praying for those who wanted to receive the baptism into the Holy Spirit, we prayed for the sick and wonderful miracles happened:

  • A woman’s painful fibroids vanished.
  • A woman totally deaf in her right ear was completely healed (pictured).
  • A lady’s breast tumor disappeared after prayer.
  • A woman who had been in a wheelchair, unable to walk at all for two years was healed.
  • And many more.

Tomorrow marks the final day of this Gospel crusade. I believe the people will come from all over the region…we may not have enough space! Please continue to pray for one more huge harvest.

Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

Together with Reinhard Bonnke, Peter van den Berg and the whole CfaN team\


Lusaka-Zambia-15-MD3-2720 Lusaka-Zambia-15-MD3-2632 Lusaka-Zambia-15-MD3-2608 Lusaka-Zambia-15-MD3-2541 Lusaka-Zambia-15-MD3-2600







Pictures by O. Volyk

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