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We’re finally here! It took four hours by car for us to travel from Yola (where we were last night) to Mubi (where the crusade will start tomorrow). It was a long drive down broken, dusty roads through miles of forgotten desert wilderness with the occasional small village of mud huts and thatched roofs. The vegetation and land formations seem foreign, like a distant planet out of a sci-fi film. This is certainly one of the far corners of the earth.

About 70 Kilometers outside the city the crowds had already begun to gather in the streets to welcome us. By the time we reached Mubi the throng of people was a truly spectacular sight. I thought of Acts 8:8 “…there was great joy in that city.”
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As you can see from the above picture (notice the huge mosque on the right), we are now deep within a land of varied religious persuasions. But we have not come to present one alternative among many. We will not water down the message to pacify anyone. We are here with an ultimatum and a proclamation: “Jesus Christ is Lord!”

Tonight Evangelist Bonnke and I ministered to the pastors of the various committees that have helped to organize this event, and it is obvious that we are going to have a mighty harvest here in Mubi.

Below I have posted Evangelist Bonnke’s report from today as well. Enjoy…

Dear Mission-Partners,

What a welcome to Mubi/Adamawa State, Nigeria. IT WAS OUR HOSANNA-DAY! Multitudes upon multitudes welcomed us, lining the roads. We traveled from Yola by road. It was a drive of four hours through a dry and thirsty land. Dust everywhere. About 70 miles before Mubi people began to line the road, shouting “Bonnke! Kolenda!” Have a look at the attached picture. It was overwhelming!

The State Governor had welcomed us in the State Council Chambers at Yola, and now the Emir of Mubi embraced us with the words that they had waited for our coming for a long time. All is set for tomorrow, the first crusade-meeting. We don’t need to warm up, we are hot already.

Mubi is bordering on Cameroon and we expect huge numbers of people. The Gospel will be preached and Jesus will triumph in this highly remote part of the country! Please pray for us – and a very special thank you to those who have helped us to make this Gospel Crusade happen.

Evangelists Reinhard Bonnke and Daniel Kolenda,
together with the whole CfaN Team.

Pictures by O. Volyk: The Hosanna-Crowd in Mubi

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