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Dear Partners in the Harvest,

Here are the results of last week’s Gospel Crusade in Otukpo, Idoma Land, Nigeria: Our Africa-Director informed us that last week 713,590 people responded to the Gospel, received Jesus as their Savior and completed a Decision Card. This crusade was our “out of season-crusade”, because it took place in the Rainy Season, but as you can see, the Lord held back the rain and gave us a full harvest. All Praise be to God!

Please keep us in prayer as we look forward to 5 more crusades before the end of the year. We trust the Lord to provide the finances and ask you to continue to stand with us as we go in Jesus’ name!

Please take a few minutes to look at the incredible pictures and read the testimonies from Otukpo:
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5

Yours in the Gospel,
Evangelists Reinhard Bonnke & Daniel Kolenda,
Together the whole CfaN Team.

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