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This morning the Glory of the Lord showed up in the fire conference in remarkable way. In the middle of Evangelist Bonnke’s message the very atmosphere began to change and the people responded in what resulted in a spontaneous eruption. All over the huge hall, thousands of people were shouting and manifesting and kneeling and crying out to God. The sound was a supernatural roar of uninhibited praise…It was a genuine move of God. It was as if the people could not wait for a prescribed moment or instructions from the platform. The hunger of their hearts prompted them to reach out and heaven responded to their hunger with waves of Glory. We left the hall dazed and shocked by the presence of God.

That evening, still under the power of God, I taught on healing and began to pray for the sick. There was such a response of faith. Again, I could feel the people drawing on the anointing with their faith. FAITH COMPELS GOD TO ACT. I feel like He finds it irresistible. Faith is the woman with the issue of blood pressing through the multitude and taking ahold of His garment. Faith is blind Bartimaeus on the side of the road crying out, “Jesus, Son of David have mercy on me.” Faith is the centurion believing that with one word Jesus can heal his servant. It is Zacchaeus climbing a tree. It is friends tearing off the roof for their sick colleague. It is Mary saying “Whatever He says, do it.” Even though Jesus told her, “My hour has not yet come.” Still faith compelled Him to act early. It was as if He found her faith irresistible. Tonight, as was this morning, the people have compelled God to act. After the service Evangelist Bonnke called for testimonies, and they began to flow. A demon possessed boy was delivered. A man with a broken back was healed. A lady with a severe heart condition had just been to the Islamic healer, but he could do nothing for her. A friend told her, “Go to the Bonnke Crusade and you will be healed.” During the prayer she began to feel pain in her chest as Jesus gave her a new heart. Finally she realized all pain was gone, and she was completely well. A man with a diabetic problem that had destroyed his pancreas over the past 2 years was unable to control his bladder for 2 minutes, but tonight he knew he was healed when for 6 hours he had complete control over his water.

Tomorrow is the conclusion of the Fire Conference, and I have a feeling that all of Heaven is about to break loose. We have had dry weather, and the crowds are continuing to grow in every service. Thank you for continuing prayers.

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