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Cochin, India – Conclusion

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Apr 14, 2008  /     Uncategorized  /     0 Comment

Dear Friends, what a wonderful time we have had here in Cochin. God truly poured out His mercy and love and power here in our midst. Tonight we again experienced rain that began to pour at around 5:00 pm when I started the teaching in the healing service. It lasted all the way through my teaching, the worship and Evangelist Bonnke’s message. Just as the time came for the prayer of salvation, the rain stopped and a multitude of wet, cold, hungry people stepped into the eternal Kingdom of God. Some of these poor people of the lowest caste of society will one day sit upon thrones in the millennial Kingdom ruling and reigning with Christ. They pushed through the mud and the heat and the bugs and rain and the crowds and the lines to take possession of the Pearl of Great Price. Today is the Day of Salvation!

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Cochin, India – Day 3

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Apr 13, 2008  /     Uncategorized  /     4 Comments

What an amazing day! The Fire Conference this morning was unlike any I have ever been to. The power of God just exploded and, out of the more than 28 thousand people present, it seemed that no one was untouched. It would be impossible for a picture to capture the dynamics of this meeting. As I looked around the room, everywhere something was happening. Groups of people were spontaneously falling out under the power. I could see the tops of chairs flying like dominoes as some “Holy Roller” took out a row. The people were crying out in a relentless fervor that rivals anything you can imagine. Suddenly Evangelist Bonnke began to prophecy. “The Holy Spirit spoke to me just now. A mighty revival here in India will start with the young people…” The youth began to rush the platform in an almost dangerous press desperately reaching out for prayer. The scene that unfolded was a holy chaos as the interpreter fell to the ground as though struck by lightning and the place came unglued. I really feel like this meeting will send shockwaves out through the entire nation and I feel that we have witnessed the beginning of a move of God that will sweep through all of India.

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Glory in Cochin – Day 2

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Apr 12, 2008  /     INDIA, Posted from Cochin  /     0 Comment

This morning the Glory of the Lord showed up in the fire conference in remarkable way. In the middle of Evangelist Bonnke’s message the very atmosphere began to change and the people responded in what resulted in a spontaneous eruption. All over the huge hall, thousands of people were shouting and manifesting and kneeling and crying out to God. The sound was a supernatural roar of uninhibited praise…It was a genuine move of God. It was as if the people could not wait for a prescribed moment or instructions from the platform. The hunger of their hearts prompted them to reach out and heaven responded to their hunger with waves of Glory. We left the hall dazed and shocked by the presence of God.

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"Good News Festival" Begins in Cochin

By Daniel Kolenda   /     Apr 10, 2008  /     Uncategorized  /     0 Comment

Today was the beginning of the “Good News Festival” here in Cochin, India. This morning at the Fire Conference several thousands of pastors and leaders came to receive an impartation and equipping for ministry. As Evangelist Bonnke preached the people seemed to drink in the message and at the end, an eruption of praise spontaneously burst forth. By the time I got up to preach, the atmosphere was thick with hunger and anticipation. The atmosphere of expectancy is the seedbed of miracles. I had prepared a sermon to preach, but when I opened my mouth, the Holy Spirit began to speak to me and my message came out as an impromptu word from the Lord. Tomorrow the conference continues and will culminate on Sunday morning with a mass baptism into the Holy Spirit as we have seen so many times before. If this first service is any foretaste of what we can expect, I think we are in a for one wild ride.

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