Cochin, India – Conclusion

Dear Friends, what a wonderful time we have had here in Cochin. God truly poured out His mercy and love and power here in our midst. Tonight we again experienced rain that began to pour at around [...]

Cochin, India – Day 3

What an amazing day! The Fire Conference this morning was unlike any I have ever been to. The power of God just exploded and, out of the more than 28 thousand people present, it seemed that no [...]

Glory in Cochin – Day 2

This morning the Glory of the Lord showed up in the fire conference in remarkable way. In the middle of Evangelist Bonnke's message the very atmosphere began to change and the people responded in [...]

"Good News Festival" Begins in Cochin

Today was the beginning of the “Good News Festival” here in Cochin, India. This morning at the Fire Conference several thousands of pastors and leaders came to receive an impartation and [...]