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I am now in Oslo, Norway for the Centennial Scandinavian Pentecostal Conference. I have been so blessed to experiance what God is doing in Europe. Last week I spoke at the Hans-Martin-Schleier-Halle stadium in Stuttgart, Germany for the CfaN Fire Conference. There was a wonderful presence of the Lord in each service. I was invited to minister in an afternoon session with about 5,000 people in attendance. I preached about answering the call of God and about the next generation taking the baton and running with it. The response was overwhelming and I believe that the Holy Spirit did a mighty work in many hearts. One of the leaders of the conference told me that after the session a couple stood before him…the woman was physically shaking…the Holy Spirit was all over her. She said, I have never experianced anything like this before, can you tell me what is happening? The same couple contacted him again later and said, “the direction of our lives was impacted in this service”. Also many more wonderful testimonies are coming in all the time. Each night Reinhard Bonnke ministerd powerful evangelistic messages that were broadcast around the nation. We saw hundreds of salvations and many wonderful miracles…Praise the Lord! In a few weeks I am looking forward to being back in this part of the world…this time in Finland where we are holding a Gospel Crusade. Please remember this in your prayers as final preparations are underway.

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