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What a service we had yesterday at Covenant Community Fellowship in Tampa, FL! This is the church that we planted a little over two years ago with a handful of visionary people. I hadn’t been there since mothers day (4 months ago)…I have been out on the field almost constantly since then and constantly hearing about the great things that are happening at CCF for some time, but yesterday I was so blessed to see it myself. It was the first official week of our new Associate / Music pastor; Austin Beil. He led a FANTASTIC worship service that went on for nearly two hours. The presence of the Lord was there in a powerful way. People saw and heard angelic voices and a number of prophetic words were given that preached my sermon. It was a sweet time in the atmosphere of Heaven. By the time I got the microphone it was almost 12:30. I shared some powerful testimonies of the things that the Lord has been doing around the world. Perhaps the thing I love the most is the sense of the community that the church is known for. There is truly a supernatural love that the people share that I rarely find in other places. One lady who is fairly new to the church told me yesterday, “its so refreshing to find a church where I don’t sense any jealousy or competition”. I said, “you wont find that here”. What an awesome testimony! I know that the Lord has great things ahead for CCF and it is so refreshing to see a church on fire.

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