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  • Ross

    L’OPERA CHE Dio Onnipotente sta faciendo attraverso il suo servo Reinhard Bonnke è straordinaria. Il mio sogno è che Dio mi usa come lui.
    Dio benedica tutti che amano le anime e anelano la loro salvezza.

  • Rita Tapsfield

    Brother Daniel

    I was very sad that I was not able to attend the evangelistic meeting in Kensington Temple. I knew that had I been able to I would have been mightly blessed. I thank God that you have been greatly encouraged by the response of the people in London and pray for the fire of God’s Holy Spirit to fall on the people of England so that we may see the power of God in this country transform us for his glory and that many souls be saved for eternity.

    Love in the Lord Jesus
    Rita Tapsfield

  • Alberto Conde

    AWESOME! Praise God, for such a man who in the face of numerous difficulties, dangers and obstacles through out his life “A LIFE OF FIRE” *Reinhard latest book* he is still on fire to see millions of souls to be saved… the fire, passion & excitement that’s on him is contagious!!! just check Daniel Kolenda 😉

  • binsurobinson

    Wow … That is such an Awe Inspiring Video

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