In Crusade Photos, Posted from Burundi

Bujumbura, Burundi Great Gospel Crusade 2014- Final Day

Dear Mission Partners,

We’ve just returned from the State House where the President of Burundi lives with his family. Our team was invited to be their special guests after tonight’s Gospel meeting. We had another full service. There was wonderful worship, I preached a Gospel message, gave an invitation for salvation, and we prayed for the President and his top government officials who were all present. I’ve never seen anything quite like it before. They truly fear the Lord and desire to serve Him.

Tonight’s final meeting, of this Gospel Crusade, was an amazing success. The only difficulty that we had was the size of the crowd. There were so many people that were pressed onto that field. I was concerned, at certain points, that someone would suffocate. We removed the barriers so that the people could fill all the available space in front of the platform. As you can see from the pictures, the platform looked like a raft floating on an ocean of humanity!

More than a third of the population of the city of Bujumbura, the capital, was at the meeting tonight. Tens of thousands of people responded to the Gospel. Deaf ears opened, cripples walked, and many other miracles took place.

The last time that Christ for all Nations was in Burundi for a crusade was 25 years ago. Today there is a whole new generation, and most of the hundreds of thousands that attended this week’s meetings were young people who have now had a life-changing encounter with Jesus. The bishop sitting next to me on the platform told me that all three of his children were filled with the Holy Spirit last night. He said that they were so drunk in the Spirit that they had to be carried off the field. So many young people were saved, healed, delivered and baptized in the Holy Spirit this week that it’s hard to even imagine how the future will be affected. History has been made here! The future of Burundi is very bright.

Today is my birthday, and I could not think of a more wonderful gift than the privilege of sharing the love of God through Jesus Christ. Thank you for standing with us, shoulder-to-shoulder, in this historic harvest of souls. Now our hearts and prayers move to Rwanda where we will be in a few weeks for another Gospel Campaign. Please pray for us as we make final preparations for another massive harvest here in Africa.


Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

Together with Reinhard Bonnke, Peter van den Berg, and the whole CfaN team

06-08-Burundi_14_D4-5855 Panorama

Pictures by O. Volyk

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  • niyonizigiye esperance

    Thank You God for saving our nation!thank You for thinking about us like this.

  • Crescent Niyontwari

    I never had such a great joy in my life. So many souls were saved, including a close friend I had being praying for. May they keep moving ahead with Jesus Christ. More blessings to you Daniel Kolenda and your team.

  • daniel batale

    I thank for his glory in bujumbura

  • Thierry

    God bless you mighty man of God! My nation is thirsty of the Gospel. Your passage at Bujumbura will be written in golden letters in the history of this country.

  • Thierry

    God bless you mighty man of God!

  • Andrew

    Dear Daniel, Happy Birthday to you!
    Thank CfaN is on the right gospel. It is so inspiring to others (in Europe) as well.

  • Ernest Sudi

    Congratulation.and be blessed in the name of Jesus.It’s very great.groly be to the God

  • belinge

    thank u daniel kolenda to come in our country burundi we have been more blessed.welcom once again

  • Robert Chabalala RSA

    I am truly blessed by the outcome of this crusade, God bless, in this age we need to hear more gathering of this nature than the opposite, keep up the good work of winning more souls unto the Lord.

    it rather cost you now, but the rewards awaits.

  • Eugene La Grange

    Praise the Lord! This is wonderful news in the times that we live. Thank you for sharing this. Now is the time that the world needs to hear about Jesus Christ and His gospel, probably more than ever before. They need His redemtive Power, to be baptised in the Holy Spirit, to be healed and to have everlasting life. Thank you for going out to preach to the masses. Thank you for your obedience to be led by God’s Holy Spirit so His will can be done amongst the nations. Time is running out and we need to reach out NOW to a lost world before it’s too late. I wish I could be involved in reaching out that way. May God’s will be done.

  • Pst Henry

    To God alone be all glory…this was certainly a mark of His doing…keep up the good work for Him

  • Guy Daniel KEZA

    Praise be to the Lord, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you man of God…
    I’m sure will change Burundian’s minds for the Glory of the Almighty God…

    May God bless you so so so much…

  • Dokmegang Joel

    Dear Evang. Daniel Kolenda and Reinhard Bonnke,

    There is great joy in our hearts and a greater thirst for God when we see the way God uses you to bring the gospel to Africa. Thank you for making yourselves available to God for this great harvest. This is the most important thing Africa needs.

    As youths we are very impressed by all the work you, and we truly want to say that you are our models. We want to be your imitators as you are Christ’s imitators.

    God bless you and Happy birthday to Evang. Daniel Kolenda !

  • Gavin Techman

    My dearest Brother in Christ. What fantastic news to see what God is doing in Burundi. I pray that God will continue to set the continent on Fire through your ministry and that of the CFAN Family.


    Thank you for obeying the call of God on your life.
    God is using you to change the eternal destiny of thousands. What you are doing has eternal value. This is a demonstration of the power & love of God in action. A very happy birthday!!!

  • Pas Shehan Pereira

    Praise God, for a great number of salvation and people being filled in The Holy Spirit.
    I also pray that you will come to Sri Lanka.

    God bless you and the entire team

  • NDIKURIYO Petit-Pasteur.

    Good morning evryone,I’m Burundian,I was in crusade,I had be blessed in JESUS name,it’s the first time I see a big meet in Bujumbura.
    I would like to become evageliste,man of God.
    Be blessed Kolenda and all team.

  • Pas Shehan Pereira

    Praise God for what he is doing in the nation. So. Blessed to see people come to know Christ.
    I pray that you will come to Sri Lanka.

    God bless you Pastor & also the entire team.

  • mpho

    We thank the Lord Jesus For the Blood He Shed On the Cross. AMEN

    • /nick


  • Brian Wamala

    Dear Evangelist Daniel and Reinhard Bonnke,

    Thank you very much to expand the gospel of Jesus .

    I really feel so excited that even the President of Burundi loves the gospel of Jesus when he is the head of the Nation.

    I think God is about to do an amazing thing for that country no wonder they can even serve as combatant in Somalia. Its the brave and strong heart of the president being guided by the Holy Spirit.

    We love that kind of visitation in Uganda so that our leaders can respond in a more clear way to the gospel.

    Thank so much the gift of of love you gave out on your birth day. I know you must be the most happiest being on this planet as you witnessed the soul harvesting on this day. Nothing would equal to that.

    Yours faithfully,

    Brian Wamala Lubega

    God bless !
    Mob.+256 782 838 270

  • Jooel Laasonen

    Shalom! Gongratulations! Be blessed! Praise the Lord! Harvest really is going and the final testimony is coming soon from Heaven! Sing Praises! Amen Halleluja! Thank you Jesus! Jooel and Sara Paide Estonia

  • Andres Morrobel


  • Thulani Makhaye

    Wow, What a powerful move of God in Bujumbura. How I wish I was there. Happy birthday man of God. God bless you and your team greatly for bringing the gospel to our continent. AMEN!

  • Johnson

    Praise the Lord! Happy birthday dear sir.

  • marcos antonio guimaraes

    very blessed in contry prayer we are

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