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Yesterday I talked about taking the first step towards the call of God on your life.  But for many people this first step is the most difficult because they are not sure about “God’s timing”.  They are afraid of “getting ahead of God” and they are constantly “waiting on the Lord”.   These are noble notions in and of themselves, but unfortunately for many Christians, they are also often used as convenient excuses.

In Luke 9:59, Jesus called to one man saying, “follow me”.  This man would have liked to follow Jesus, but said, “First let me go and bury my father.”  Jesus reply was blunt, “Let the dead bury their dead, but you go and preach the Kingdom of God.”

I must be honest; for a long time I felt that this response of Jesus was uncalled for.  I didn’t understand why Jesus couldn’t have let this poor young man attend his father’s funeral.  It wouldn’t have taken long.  One day as I read this passage I asked the Lord about it.  “Why were you so cruel to this young man?  Why wouldn’t you let him bury his dead father?” I asked.  It was then that I heard the Lord speak to my heart so clearly, “What makes you think that his father was dead? He asked in reply.  Suddenly I saw what I had been missing.  The scripture doesn’t say that the father was dead…it only says that this man wanted to wait until the father had been buried before answering the call.  Maybe his father was old or sick.  Whatever the case, he felt like there would be a more convenient time to follow Jesus then the present.

I suddenly saw what so many of us do.  Jesus calls to us as a teenager and we say, “Lord I will follow you BUT FIRST let me graduate from college”.  After graduation we hear that call again and we reply, “Lord I will follow you BUT FIRST let me start a family”.  We marry and have children and soon the call comes again.  We reply, “Lord I will follow you BUT FIRST let me save some money as a cushion”.  “BUT FIRST let me put my kids through high school.”  “BUT FIRST let me put my kids through college.”  “BUT FIRST let me retire and collect my pension.”  BUT FIRST, BUT FIRST BUT FIRST.  Before we know it, our cold cadavers are buried six feet under and we have never followed the call of God.

There will always be a “more convenient time” to answer the call of God then the present, but that more convenient time will never come.  Jesus called Simon and Andrew they were busy with their lucrative fishing business.  But when Jesus called them “Immediately they forsook their nets and followed him” (Mark 1:18).  This is the only appropriate response to God’s call.  Drop everything, forsake all and follow Him.

“Those that forever seek the will of God are overrun by those who do it” ~ Reinhard Bonnke

(Continued Tomorrow….)

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  • Olga

    “you need to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and let Him lead you.”
    Daniel, I totally agree with what you said.
    We walk in the right direction if we do what He leads us to do!
    …Oh no, his father wasn’t dead. The Lord also explained to my mum why He didn’t let another man to say good-bye to his family. (Luke 9:61)Jesus knew that his family would dissuade the man from following Him.

  • Tomas Matocha

    Dear Greg,
    thank you for your reply. I understood well and agree with you that no lifestyle is more holy than the other. I was not speaking about myself because I have experienced what it means to live where I am now. I wanna live it with all I am.

    I just thought there can be even such point of view.

    Thank you Daniel as well. I agree with what you said.

    God bless you all!


  • Daniel Kolenda

    Tomas, I think that Greg’s response is a good one and brings some clarity. Also, If you read some of the previous posts on this topic you will see what I am talking about in context. I am not suggesting that you drop out of school as you mentioned. In fact, if God has called you to do something, going to school may be a part of answering the call. If God has called you there is some response that is needed from your side. Only you know what that is. Each person is different and each situation is unique. Like Greg said…you need to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and let Him lead you.

  • Greg Rholl

    I believe this message is spoken by the Spirit and must be heard by the spirit or you will be confused. You cannot assume that a call to follow Jesus means that you should quit your job, abandon your wife and kids, and become a professional evangelist. The call is to follow Jesus in whatever life He gives you. The message is to drop any excuses and follow now. In regards to your job, you may never earn any money from preaching the gospel – that is not ‘the call of God’. The call is to follow Christ and preach His Word to anyone that you can. The apostle Paul knew what it was to live off the fruit of another man’s hard work and he knew what it was to work in a menial job himself. Don’t say that one lifestyle is more holy than the other. Give yourself to Jesus now, do what He leads you to do, and all of it is holy.

  • Tomas Matocha

    Dear Daniel, I understand what you are speaking in your today’s message about. But let me have a question. Does not it have to be order in all those things pertaining to living life, studying, working or whatever and God’s will? I mean I think there is an order in everything when living life according to God’s will. I think nothing should be suddenly cut away like quitting school immediatelly or something like that.
    For example, when David heard from Samuel he is going to be king over Israel, he went out to graze his sheep as he did before. He went on his present task. He did not go into library to read some books about how to be a good ruler, or how to have a good battle strategy. There were continuos changes and situations thru which God finally led him to the throne after years. He even did not kill the Saul when he could. You say we have to take a step. Could not David take a step by killing his enemy?

    What do you think about this, Daniel? I think there are only missing some points that have to be visible to find out both of us are on the same wave but I can not see them. Could you help me in this? Could you explain those contexts to me?
    I am sorry, if I am asking about anything you explained in your past three messages what I missed.

    Thank you for your answer and for the time you devote to this site, especially to the comments.

    Czech rep.

  • Eze Ebubechi M alexander

    Of a truth this is a word of encouragement. Plz help me pray to God to give me a clear revelation of His calling upon my life and to make me know when its time to begin my ministry

  • Daniel Robbins

    (2 Corinthians 6:2) NIV For he says, “In the time of my favor I heard you, and in the day of salvation I helped you.” I tell you, now is the time of God’s favor, now is the day of salvation. LETS GET BUSY FOR JESUS. AMEN

  • Mark

    Great word of encouragement, I know when I press through all the reasons why not bombarding my mind as I approach the platform of service, when I get there the Holy Spirit shows up. Hebrews 13:5 for He Himself has said, “I will never leave you nor will I ever forsake you.” Praise God, amen.

  • Ijiwade James

    You have a great Ministry Evangelist Daniel.

    Your words are so encouraging. I promise never to miss your messages. If I can’t be physically present during your ministration, I will always make it a duty to log on to this site each day.

    I’m 18-years-old and seeking admission into a University here in Nigeria and I want to go into the ministry in full after my first degree because my church counselor said I’ve to go to school, though started personal evangelism.

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