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We have just returned from the final meeting of this Gospel Campaign here in Otukpo, Nigeria. Even though this is our rainy season campaign, the Lord held back the rain and we had a full and uninterrupted harvest. Tonight the attendance climbed to 280,000. I preached the Gospel and then prayed for the sick and pronounced a blessing over Idoma land.

One lady who was healed from diabetes yesterday brought her report from the doctor confirming her testimony. Then she told me, “I am a Muslim.” When I asked if she knew who had healed her she shouted, “JESUS!” Then she told the crowd, she would follow Jesus the rest of her life. We see in these meetings how salvation, healing, deliverance and Holy Spirit Fire all converge under one heading…The Gospel of Jesus Christ. They are all a part of the same glorious gift that God offers to “whosoever will.”

At last the time had come to say “goodbye,” and I could see how tears were filling many eyes. I am not sure if I will ever see these precious people again in this world, but I am sure that I will meet them again one day around the throne of God where there will be no more tears and no more sad goodbyes.

Thank you to everyone who prayed, and gave to make this crusade possible. It was truly worth every effort.

Please continue to pray as we make final preparations for our next crusade in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil next month.

Please see the attached pictures (from top to bottom): a panorama of tonight’s crowd, the entire crowd praying over the prayer requests sent in from around the world, the former muslim woman healed of diabetes, a crippled boy healed and woman healed of AIDS with her medical report.

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