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I feel at a loss for words to describe what happened tonight. It seemed to me as if Heaven came to earth. God’s glory invaded that crusade ground in such an extraordinarily powerful way. Tonight after the prayer for salvation, the Holy Spirit descended and thousands were filled to overflowing. Many began to speak with other tongues as the Holy Spirit gave utterance. Demon possessed people were set free. Miracles of healing began to take place and others fell to the ground under the power of God…it was holy chaos! The Holy Spirit spoke to me to break the curses, and as I did, the crowd erupted in dancing, singing and shouting. All the pastors on the platform began to dance. It was genuine, uninhibited, undignified, and spontaneous rejoicing. I’m sure that all of Heaven was dancing with us, as long-awaited Jubilee came to Idoma land.

Please see the attached pictures of two of tonight’s many healings; one of a man deaf and dumb for 21 years and also a woman totally blind for 3 years, plus a picture of this morning’s final Fire Conference meeting, where the number of registered delegates alone totaled more than 25,000.

Tomorrow is the final day of this campaign and we are looking forward to one more mighty harvest.

Pictures by Oleksandr Volyk

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