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“The Bible is beyond other books as the river is beyond a drop of water, as the sun is beyond the candle, and as the mountain is beyond a grain of sand. It is the fountain in which martyrs have cooled their faces, the pillow upon which the saints of all ages have rested their hearts; it breaks the fetters of the slave, takes the pain out of parting, takes the sting out of death, takes the gloom out of the grave and gives us a hope that is steadfast and sure.” ~ Dr. R.G Lee

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  • Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

    God bless you Victor. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours as well.

  • Anonymous

    December 25, 09
    Dear Bro.Daniel,
    I consider it a true privilege to be able to write You a few humble words this Christmas night. These are the words of heartfelt appreciation of what our God is doing through this man of His, who stands on the power of His Word. Please, accept my family's best wishes of power of His love from beautifully whitened snowy Midwest. However, although White Christmas is beautiful, but Christ's whiteness for all of us is always enormously better. Hope to see You preaching here some day soon.
    In Christ Jesus, Viktor.

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