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“I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: ” ~ Jesus Christ (Jn 11:25)

People have been asking for more details about the 3-year-old boy that was raised from the dead last week in Sapele, Nigeria. It is a truly extraordinary story and worth some elaboration.

Last Saturday night (December 12) a woman came to the meeting with a 3-year-old son that was very ill. During the service she said that he actually passed away. I was still on the platform ministering when she brought him behind the platform. She was holding his lifeless body and weeping when the ushers found her. They confirmed that he was indeed dead and told her that all the crying in the world wouldn’t bring him back to life. They said, “Take him to the medical tent.” “No,” she told them, “I want to bring him to the man of God.” Security allowed her to wait there until the service was over.

As I was walking down off the platform, surrounded by ushers, there were people all around wanting prayer as usual. But this woman, holding a child caught my eye. I stepped to the side and said, “What’s wrong with him?” They told me in broken pigeon English, “The child is not well.” They dropped his limp body in my arms, and I prayed for about thirty seconds before handing him back to the mother.

Before service started on the following night (Sunday), John Darku, our African crusade director told me that there was a woman there with an incredible testimony. Rev. Peter Vandenburg and I went down to speak with her. I was amazed to find that it was the woman from the night before. She had brought her son, and he was perfectly well. They told us that the child had come back to life almost immediately after prayer.

My message that night was from Romans 8:2, but before I preached it I brought this woman and her son onto the platform along with a witness to give the testimony. The crowd of more than 200,000 people exploded with rejoicing when they heard about the miracle. It was Romans 8:2 in action – “The law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus, hath made me free from the law of sin and of death.”

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  • Alice

    I know the dead can come to life. He pulled a man back from death that I had seen hit by a car on a busy Toronto street. I ran to him and knelt praying beside his bleeding lifeless body. The police pronounced him dead but I heard him speaking after he began breathing as they placed him in the ambulance .. I am an ordinary believer – but the L_rd has used me time & time again to pronounce healing in desperate situations…. He will use you too – you only have to believe. Let him cleanse you of your guilty wounds so you stop saying He can’t work through you to touch people. He CAN use you no matter where you’ve been. He will use you. Never let your life’s mistakes dictate your defeat or living a fruitless life. Live today and turn away from all your sins – walk away from your chains because the Lion of Judah will break them. Your mouth will open to pronounce healing and salvation over the lives of others. It’s not just Pastor Kolenda or Pastor Bonke who can do this – we are all appointed as releases of His promises. All of us!

  • erickatchy

    Evangelist Kolenda, may God continue to use you! I am happy to read about all these exploits! I was in the meetings in Awka in 2008 and also in that of Onitsha in 2001 both in Anambra State Nigeria. I wish you will just say a prayer over my life. I too have a calling to evangelise. God bless you sir!

  • Immanuel

    Hello Daniel,
    Glory to God!!… May God use you more and more in days to come.


  • Anonymous

    Yes, yes …

    Now I'm the CfaN official in Brazil, in the office of Emerson Rocha …

    It is an honor to contribute this ministry …


  • Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

    Hi Thiago,

    All the glory belongs to Jesus! Are you saying that you were at the CfaN campaign in Rio at Botafogo?

  • Anonymous

    Hello Daniel, We are the ERP (Cfan) from Curitiba, Brazil …

    This testimony incedio the heart of all of us in Brazil, I passed several e-mails with this news …

    I cross the Rio de Janeiro in September, and saw a woman who for 12 years used a wheelchair, get up in front of me …

    May God continue to use you with power and authority in the Name of Jesus …

    Best wishes,


  • Shelly: A Journey Through Israel

    Thanks for sharing, Dan. That's an incredible story. Wish I could've been there!!

  • Aymeric BIMONT

    Glory to God !

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