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To all my fellow blognaggians – I’ve missed you!  Over the past several months I’ve had my nose to the grindstone toiling over a new book that will be released with Charisma next year.  Now that that labor of love is finished, I am happy to report that, in the inauguration of this new year, I am climbing back into the blogging saddle – with a few extra treats in the goodie bag!  Lots of multimedia; audio and video will be coming your way this year along with my regular, (almost daily) devotionals and reports from the field.  I hope that you will follow along, interact and remember to pray for us.

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  • David Okoye

    Welcome back. Been wondering what was going on. But thank God you are back. Hope to start uploading…

  • Bruce Adetola

    I love dat,I can’t wait to ave the book.God will help u.Happy new year sir.

  • Samuel Strandberg

    Great news! Been missing your posts! Blessings!

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