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Day 5 of the Great Gospel Campaign in Okigwe, Nigeria - July 2011

Dear Mission-Partners,

We have just returned from the final service of the Great Gospel Campaign here in Okigwe, Nigeria Tonight the crowd grew to 300,000 and the atmosphere was charged with faith and expectation.  Thousands were saved and many miracles took place…it was truly a climatic conclusion!

This is the rainy season here in West Africa and for several weeks before we came, there were torrential downpours everyday, to the point that some of our planning team was becoming very concerned.  Yet, not one meeting was rained out this week.  The only rain we experienced were the showers of blessings that poured down from Heaven and we are all soaked!

Tonight I preached about forgiveness, and the Holy Spirit did a powerful work in the hearts of the people who not only received forgiveness from their sins but also extended forgiveness to others.

Grace, repentance, faith, restitution, forgiveness, the blood of Jesus, the breaking of curses, the Baptism into the Holy Spirit, divine healing, deliverance and loving your neighbor; this is the Gospel that has been preached this week.  We have seen a transformation take place in many lives and I believe a whole region has been impacted for eternity.

I will send the final count of completed decision cards as soon as I receive it from our team.  Until then thank you so much for standing with us financially and praying for us.  What has been accomplished this week is eternal in nature and we are standing shoulder to shoulder together with you in the harvest.

God Bless You,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
Together with Reinhard Bonnke and the whole CfaN team

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